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The Annenberg School for the Study of Sexual Orientation?

RUSH: I have it here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.  Right here it is.  It's at the Annenberg School for Communication at USC, a resource center for journalism educators.  

"Today's newsrooms demand journalists who can cover sexual-orientation issues with as much sophistication as any other civil rights issue. Starting at day one on the job. Can your students?  'I wouldn't walk into a newsroom not knowing about Martin Luther King,' says one broadcast student in the Annenberg course. '[Sexual orientation] is a civil rights issue, and this is something I need to know about as a journalist, as a student and as a person.'"

And so they have "The Program for the Study of Sexual Orientation Issues in the News," at Annenberg's School of Journalism.  And it wants to help you make sure that your students are sensitive from day one. When they graduate, get into their first newsroom, they're supposed to know as much about sexual orientation issues, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, as they know about Martin Luther King, and that's the purpose of the course.  It was mentioned in the story about Mike Priefer being shipped off to reeducation camp.  It's where I encountered it.  

Somebody Has It Out for Tylenol

RUSH: Apparently somebody, probably somebody that's got it in for Tylenol, just released the results of a survey that said that a group of patients that had moderate back pain, they gave 'em acetaminophen, which is the official ingredient in Tylenol, ibuprofen is what's in Advil, is acetaminophen. They gave the same group of people with same kind of back pain, they gave them a placebo.  And what they found is that the group taking acetaminophen reported no greater pain relief than the people who took nothing, a placebo. 

Now, anybody with real serious back pain will tell you that there isn't anything over-the-counter that works.  I mean, we're talking real serious.  But, you know, even moderate pain.  Well, anyway, somebody's got it out for Tylenol because why do a survey like this?  I just saw it reported, in fact, on Fox, and some doctor was very happy about this, very happy to have this news to be able to tell his patients.

NYT: Obama and the Myth of Presidential Control

RUSH:  New York Times, right on cue, has a story: "Obama and the Myth of Presidential Control." It's another story.  It's just so sad.  The presidency is just too big for any one man to do well anymore. If Obama can't do it, it can't be done.  There's that, and -- well, there's a lot of stuff left actually.  You're gonna enjoy it all if you stay write where you are.


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