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Pearls of Wisdom

"One of the things that bothers me about the modern libertarian movement is many of them think that much of the world's unrest is caused by us intervening where we have no business."

"There is no journalism anymore, don't forget. There's only advocacy and support for the Democrat agenda, disguised as the news."

"The best thing that can happen in Obama's mind is for us to get out of all these things going on in the world, and then the world will not be so destabilized. This is what people believed in the seventies and eighties, and the left of the day still believes it today."

"Obama wants to close the border the other way. That is, he wants to close the border to any US corporation that might want to relocate overseas to avoid paying US corporate taxes, the highest in the world."

"CNN has a poll out that says if the election were held again today, Mitt Romney would beat Barack Obama in a landslide, but that's not why they released the poll."

"We stand for the freedom and liberty and liberation of the oppressed all over the world. If we impose anything, which we don't, it's freedom."

"Obama looks at a whole lot of things as irritating interruptions and distractions for what he is really interested in and cares about, which is the domestic transformation of the United States away from a free market, capitalist-based society to a command-and-control, government-making-decisions-for-everybody society."

"The views expressed by the host on this show are not necessarily the views of the staff, management, sponsors of this station -- but they should be."

"Obama defined patriotism as American corporations staying here and paying the 35% tax rate. And American corporations haven't listened."

"Obama has finally come out and announced he wants to close the border? You didn't see that? You think I'm making it up, right? It's so unbelievable. I'm not making it up. Well, let me find it. Our border, he wants to close our border. But not to people coming in. He wants to close the border to American corporations going out, on this tax business. "

"Totalitarians build walls and enforce their borders like nobody's business, but to keep people in."

"Obama told these young African leader was -- and I'm gonna quote this -- he said 'female genital mutilation isn't a tradition worth hanging onto.' Female genital mutilation is not a tradition worth hanging onto. Note that he didn't condemn female genital mutilation. That would have been telling Africans what to do. And he would never impose his views on 'em 'cause we're from the US and who are we."

"There is no journalism anymore, don't forget. There's only advocacy and support for the Democrat agenda, disguised as the news."

"The news out of New York may give us some hint that things are at least returning to normal there. 'A street performer dressed as Spider-Man was arrested after punching a policeman who told him he could not demand money from tourists.'"

"Typical household income now a third less than it used to be. New York Times can't figure out why, just can't understand it. I'll have the answers tomorrow, along whatever else happens you need to know about and whatever you need to know, think about, I'll tell you."


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