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Denver Homelessness Skyrockets

RUSH: "Grand Junction, Colorado -- Officials at some Denver homeless shelters are saying that the legalization of marijuana has contributed to an increase in the number of younger people living homeless on the street."  Why would that happen? Why would legalizing marijuana be a factor in that?  (interruption)  "One of the things that's driving our increased numbers -- and we're seeing it from shelters and other parts of the state in Colorado where legalized marijuana has taken place -- is retail sales have driven people to Colorado. 

"I think that comes from what we're seeing from other shelters.  The Salvation Army's main's shelter in Denver has seen an increase in the number of 18 to 25-year-olds.  An informal survey found that about a quarter of the increase in homelessness was related to marijuana, including some who moved hoping to find work in the marijuana industry."  Oh, really?  Give me a break!

People are going there to find work in the marijuana industry?  Yeah, only if they get freebies as payment.  You know, this doesn't seem to be a problem with men going to North Dakota to get jobs in the fracking business. There doesn't seem to be a bunch of homelessness there.  Why would people going to Denver, even if it is to pick up on some weed, why would they end up being homeless?  Is your theory that there aren't the jobs for them and so they're homeless, or is it because they're stoned all day?  (interruption)  All right.  Okay.  So they were bums already, and they're just going to Denver to get high.

So they were jobless when they left wherever they were. They're jobless when they get to Denver.  They're bums in both places, so they're homeless.  Is that the theory?  (interruption)  That's true, they won't be arrested for being high in Denver.  (interruption)  There is a steady supply of it.  Well, I know.  Well, isn't there some restriction on how much you can get if you're out of state?  Doesn't the law says you can only get... (interruption)  No, no.  They're not residents.  You have to have a resident ID card of some kind to buy limitless amounts of weed.  If you're from out of state, there's a limit, I thought.  I thought there's a limit on what you could buy. 

Now, of course there's the matter of enforcement. If we're gonna look at it like immigration law, so what.  I mean, who's gonna find 'em?  The thing I find interesting about it is usually you only see stories about increased homelessness when a Republican is in the White House.  See, that, again, folks, it is I, El Rushbo, seeing the news in entirely different ways than mere mortals.  So what explains this? 

We never get stories on homelessness when the Democrats are in the White House, when the Democrats are in power.  We never hear about that, and why would the left want to do anything to discredit legal weed?  Why?  This discredits the whole notion of legal weed.  Legal weed equals homelessness in Colorado.  That's not a good theme.  The New York Times yesterday editorialized: make it legal, get rid of all federal restrictions on marijuana and let it be legal.  New York Times.  Interesting.  

Big News Buried in CNN Poll

RUSH: CNN and a poll.  Everybody over the weekend was talking about this poll, but for the wrong reason.  In a rematch of the 2012 presidential election, if it were held today, Mitt Romney would beat Obama in a landslide.  What is the number?  It's 53-44, nine points.  But that's not the news.  The reason CNN released the poll is because after they tell us that, they then point out that that doesn't matter.

originalHillary would beat Romney today by, what is it? There are so many numbers in this. Hillary would beat Romney, I don't know, 55... No.  It doesn't matter.  The point is that while Romney would clean Obama's clock in a landslide if the election were today, the real news that CNN points out is that Hillary would beat Romney today by a sizable margin.  I'm trying to find the number here, folks, and I just can't.

There are too many numbers, but that still's not the point.  There's another bit of news in this poll that I think trumps all that, 'cause, A, the election is not gonna be re-held.  B, it's a second-term president in the middle of a bunch of messes.  It makes total sense.  Almost any president would be beaten at this point in his second term, historically.  The real news in this poll isn't that.

Do you remember the exit poll I told you about in 2012? I got the first wave at five o'clock, and there were two exit poll questions.  When I saw the results, I was pretty sure it was over and that Romney was gonna lose.  I was disheartened, I can't tell you.  The air went out of my balloons (snaps fingers) instantly.  The first question was something like 61% still blame Bush for the economy. 

I said, "Well, if that's the case there's no reason to vote against Obama here."  The second one was a generic question: "Cares about people like me." Romney lost that one 81 to 19.  In other words, 81% in the exit poll in 2012 thought Obama cared about them, whereas only 19% thought Romney did.  The CNN poll that came out yesterday? A record low, 46%, say Obama shares their values. 

originalThat is different poll. That was an exit poll back in 2012, and it's a slightly different question here, but still. We have an almost 50% plunge from the premise that Obama shares their values, cares about them, knows that their lives are in bad shape and need to be improved. Yeah, Hillary Clinton beats Romney 55-42, if the election were today.  That's why CNN released the poll.  That's why. 

They put the poll out for that result to be trumpeted.  It's all part of the effort to keep Hillary's campaign alive.  But that's still not the news 'cause that's irrelevant, too.  The election isn't today, it's in November of 2016, and there's way too much that's gonna happen between now and then, and that isn't gonna happen.  Hillary's not gonna beat Romney 55 to whatever. (interruption) What did you say?  I know. Romney says he's not running. 

Anyway, with Obama plunging nearly 50% in the "cares about me" category, that's the news in this poll.  That is today, and that's real, and that matters, and that doesn't portend well for the Democrats in November of this year.  In a similar part of the poll, only 49% say Obama is sincere in what he says.  That's a record low.  So that's quite a plunge, from 81% "cares about people like me" to 46%. 

That's buried. That's almost an afterthought in the poll. 

That, to me, is big in the poll. 

That is the huge news to me.  

God Bless Jeff Sessions

RUSH:  If we're gonna have open immigration and borders, and Jeff Sessions, God bless Jeff Sessions -- is begging everybody to call their congressman and senators to stop what Obama is planning on doing, just with a stroke of his pen, legalizing five to six million immigrants, this border crisis, just saying to hell with it, just granting amnesty. 

Sessions claims that Obama is effectively going to end immigration enforcement. He's gonna nullify immigration law, just wipe it out, and, in the process, fundamentally change, transform the United States. 

Now, stop and think about something.  All over the world at US embassies there are visa sections, and there are people that are showing up in lines every day trying to get various kinds of visas. In other words, they're trying to get here legally, trying to come on a student visa, six-month visa that would allow them to go to college, learn a business, but they've gotta promise to go back home. This is not permanent status in any way, shape, manner, or form. And look at all the people that are in line. Why even have these visa sections?  Why even go through the motions?  What is the point here?  Why not just close these visa sections down at these embassies and instead have a sign, "If you want to get to the United States, go to Arizona or Texas"?

I mean, it used to be a joke, but as all too often is the case, what we tell as jokes about the left actually becomes policy.  Why even have checkpoints? Sessions is right about this.  He's gonna give a floor speech at the Senate on Obama's planned executive amnesty at 2:45 this, about nine minutes from now.  And it comes on the heels of the LA Times story that ran three days ago, "White House Pursuing Plan to Expand Immigrant Rights -- Even as Obama grapples with the crisis of immigrant children arriving at the Southwest border, White House officials are laying the groundwork for a large-scale expansion of immigrant rights that would come by executive action within weeks."

We're talking five to six million.  So from the LA Times article, "Roughly 5 million of the estimated 11 million" people who entered the country illegally would be granted amnesty.  Now, some say Obama is just doing this to try to goad the Republicans into impeaching him, that he'll never actually pull the trigger and do it.  Others think he's dead serious about doing it because that's what he wants to do and happen in order to transform the country.  Jeff Sessions is taking him seriously.  

The Vagina Justice Tease

RUSH: And, ladies and gentlemen, just again to remind you, I don't know for sure that I'm gonna get to this, but if I do, you will have ample warning, which is what this is.  There is a story out of Baltimore today involving thousands of women that involves pictures and a lawsuit, and I'm calling it vagina justice.  That's as far as I'm gonna go now.  There are a couple other things related to it.  I don't know that I'm gonna get in there and talk about it, but if I do, you will have ample warning.  We'll do the usual countdown, 'cause I know that some of you have your kids listening with you out of school today, which, interestingly, is part of the story, in a way.  


All right, look, I did not mean to tease you with this stuff and then hold it over.  It's just it's worked out that there's not time to do it all today.  There was also, quite honestly, the little voice that we all have that says, "Don't do that."  That's kind of been whispering to me.  So I haven't been really fully committed to this even though -- I mean, half of it is fairly harmless. 

Well, it's all harmless, but I don't think it's stuff that you would want your children asking you about if they're listening with you.  It would require ample warning. So let me promise this in lieu of the tease here 'cause I was not intending to tease you for 21 hours.  I really wasn't.  I don't want to make too much of this 'cause when I do do it, "What was the big deal?"  So we'll just leave it there, might do it tomorrow, probably will.  You will have ample warning for vagina justice.


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