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Drive-By Media Outrage Over Ray Rice Creates Backlash Against Liberal Social Engineering Through Sports

RUSH: The media and this constant effort to socially engineer the NFL is really wearing thin on me, as a fan.  The NFL, sports, are an escape...  I think that's in large part what's driving this outpouring of so-called support for Ray Rice.  It's a media backlash.  Fans of Baltimore are saying, "Look, you know what?  We will react on our own.  We don't need to be told how to be outraged by all of you."

Obama Voter Concludes He Was Wrong

CALLER: I'm a registered Democrat, and I was a liberal, and I actually voted for the commander-in-chief the first time.  I drank the Kool-Aid, so to speak, and I started listening to you. I heard a lot of disparaging remarks from a lot of my friends. By chance I came across one of the radio stations on the way down from the Panhandle down to Orlando and I started listening, and a lot of the things started to make sense that you said.  And I started doing my own research, and, you know, I've definitely vastly changed in the last eight years.  And I wanted to say thank you.

Jeff Sessions Can't Believe What He Sees

RUSH:  Jeff Sessions, the great senator from Alabama, I'm sure sometimes feels like he's all alone. He looks at what's happening on the Southern border, and he can't believe it.  He hears what President Obama says and combines that with what he sees happening.  He can't believe it. He can't believe that there's nobody where he works in the US Senate, or in the House of Representatives, trying to do anything to stop this.


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