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"How can an intelligent, functioning, aware human being willfully ignore the fact that Hamas is putting its own children in the line of fire and wanting them to die?"

"Young women, millennial women rejecting militant feminism, rejecting feminazi-ism, and they've even got a hashtag: "We're not feminists" or some such thing. And the elderly feminazis are livid. They're ticked off."

"We've got incompetence running all over the place in this Regime. And Kerry, I think, is the poster boy, a tough bet between him and Obama."

"The problem with the White House putting out a hashtag on Israel and the Hamasians is a hashtag might end up being more successful than their secretary of state, and they don't want to undermine John Kerry with the hashtag."

"If anybody thinks -- and I'm talking about within our administration -- if anybody thinks that Israel is targeting Palestinian children, then they are so corrupt and perverted by what they have been taught and what they believe that they're almost incorrigible."

"The media and this constant effort to socially engineer the NFL is really wearing thin on me, as a fan. The NFL, sports, are an escape. They succeed as an escape, and as the media attempts to corrupt all of these sports by demanding that every social engineering demand or requirement or advance they believe must be adopted is just driving me away."

"If we have a deteriorating relationship with Israel, somebody needs to start asking why rather than talking about how John Kerry deserves another Purple Heart."

"I have been so desirous that people learn to see liberals for who they really are, 'cause I'm sick and tired of this constant mischaracterization of us. It's a mischaracterization that even defies common sense."

"I'm not here to shock anybody, and I'm not here to offend anybody. That's why I always give you a warning. I'm kind of like the Israelis. I let you know when there's incoming before it's coming. I give you a chance to avoid it."

"Ten years ago Obama was a nobody. Ten years ago he would have still been fetching Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy's coffee, as Bill Clinton reminded Ted Kennedy of in the 2008 campaign."


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