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Israel and the Liberal Pop Culture Media Juggernaut


RUSH: Macks Creek, Missouri, this is Dave.  And thank you for waiting.  It's great to have you, sir.  How are you?

CALLER:  I'm well, Rush.  God bless you.  Point Counter Point dittos and I'm sure glad that I'm not debating the mayor of Davis.

RUSH:  You remember those days?  (laughing)

CALLER:  I'm sorry?

RUSH:  Oh, my gosh, you were in Sacramento then?

CALLER:  I was.  "Sacra-tomato," yes.

RUSH:  Just so you know, back when I lived and worked in Sacramento, I was hired by local TV, ABC affiliate at the time, in their five o'clock news I think it was two or three days a week, debate a liberal. They found the mayor of Davis, California, and it was quite fun.  It was on that show, by the way, during that newscast that I came up with the line, "I love the feminist movement, especially when walking behind it." I just left the mayor kind of speechless. He didn't know whether to be offended or laugh.  But you have jogged some memories here.  That's something I hadn't thought about in a long, long time.

CALLER:  Well, good, I think about that all the time because that's when I first found you on the radio and I found somebody that agreed with me.

RUSH:  Yeah.  I know what you mean.  It wasn't that you were a mind-numbed robot.  You finally found somebody that validated what you believed when you couldn't find that very much in the media.

CALLER:  Well, that's exactly right.  Anyway, what I was calling about, these Republicans in Washington, DC, act like they're up against a juggernaut.  Listening to the conversation today, I think that the Democrat Party, or let's put it this way, liberalism, has become a juggernaut and that the mainstream Republican Party doesn't know how to go up against it. Although everything that they've been trying on the Democrat side, such as moving these immigrants into California. As a matter of fact, they're moving them into my old hometown around Westover Air Force Base there in Massachusetts.

RUSH:  They're dropping 'em everywhere.

CALLER:  Yeah, they are.  And although it's backfiring for the Democrats, or for the liberals, I don't think that the Republicans are seeing it and they are actually afraid.  It could be a lot of racial animus that they don't want to be seen as racist or --

RUSH:  That's part of it.  They it's that's a huge component, not only the race of the immigrants, but Obama's race as well.

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  That does have them quite paralyzed, no question about it.

CALLER:  But it seems now that it's not the Democrat Party itself, but it seems to me that it is liberalism in general that has become a juggernaut that nobody knows how to fight against or is afraid to fight against it.

RUSH:  I know what you mean.  I have a great idea what you're talking about.  I know you're drawing a distinction between the Democrat Party and their ideology.  I know what you mean.  Basically even people that are not political seem to be liberals. Even people that don't know what liberalism is seem to be liberals.  The low-information crowd, they all seem to be liberals.  It seems like everywhere we look, where we used to find common sense and independents, we now find sheep.  That's what you mean by juggernaut.  Everybody just blindly accepts it, not even knowing what they're doing.  And I get the same feeling. 

There's a reason for that, if it's true, if that's an accurate portrayal. The reason for it is exactly what you say:  There isn't any push-back.  It wasn't that long ago where Republicans would routinely tell people, "X is a liberal," and explain what that meant.  And they hated it.  It used to be the kiss of death to be called a liberal at election time.  Now the Republicans are afraid.  There's no push-back, policy-wise or ideologically, particularly ideologically, at all.


RUSH: Here's Michael in Birmingham, Alabama, as we head back to the phones.  Thank you for waiting, Michael.  Great to have you here.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, I really appreciate you having me on today.  I had a quick question.  I wanted to ask you about the Israeli-Hamas conflict.  I noticed recently a bunch of Hollywood celebrities are coming out, particularly liberal celebrities, like Bill Maher, you know, Howard Stern, they've actually come out in favor of Israel.  And they've been just lambasting Hamas and really defending them.  However, you have the mainstream media, who's slavishly supporting Hamas.  And I just can't help but notice, like you got these liberal celebrities that have the common sense enough to support Israel, but --

RUSH:  You've mentioned two.

CALLER:  Right.  Yes.  And I was watching Bill Maher on a clip really supporting Israel, and I was almost thinking, "Wow, Bill Maher, he kind of sounds like a conservative.  You can see him, you know, like standing beside him, you know, supporting Israel."  But then I see all these other clips, like on MSNBC, just dogging Israel and supporting Hamas, just slavishly.  And I've been trying to figure out why the media ignore the fact that rockets are in schools. They ignore the fact that they put rockets in civilian houses, but yet when I watch Bill Maher, he actually brings that out in the open and exposes it, and he calls out other liberal people.  I see Howard Stern support Israel, Joan Rivers, I don't know if she's really liberal or not, but I've seen her come out totally in favor of Israel.  And I was wondering what your thoughts are, why the Drive-Bys are so gung-ho for Hamas.

RUSH:  Well, they always have been, number one.  There is an anti-Israeli bias that has always existed.  I mean, it's even in the New York Times.  I've had people ask me over the years "Rush, so many people in Hollywood are Jewish.  Why are they so against Israel?"  Because they're liberals first.  Liberals are always liberals first, whether they're women, whether they're Jewish, whether they're actors, whatever they are. They're liberals first, and that defines everything.  There's also a factor here that Netanyahu is considered a right winger and there isn't a right winger in the world that the media is gonna support.  Every right winger, every so-called conservative may as well be the Tea Party as far as they're concerned.

CALLER:  Right.  Right.  And that's something I've been noticing, too, you know --

RUSH:  There's another thing, too.  You've got Obama, who is clearly -- well, it's an open question just how much Obama considers Israel an ally, right?  And the media is not gonna do anything to embarrass Obama.  They really can't.  Obama means everything to them.  They are Obama.  Obama is them. They got him elected.  They believed all this stuff.  If they turn on Obama, they're admitting that what they believe doesn't work and what they believe in doesn't work and they're never gonna do that. So it's always gonna be a blind support for Obama.  He's gonna lead it.  All the other factors, Netanyahu being a right winger, it's conventional wisdom. 

I also think that part of the answer here, Michael, is that there's some genuine ignorance and stupidity on the part of the some of these media people.  We think of them as being in the media, that they know more than we do and that they are closer to all of these stories 'cause they're actually covering them and talking to the people who make these news stories, and yet they all seem to operate according to a formula, whatever the conventional wisdom is. 

I mentioned yesterday David Gregory.  They wonder at NBC why his rating are plummeting.  They wanted to send a psychiatrist to analyze him and his family or whatever, trying to get to the bottom of why nobody wanted to watch the show.  And then I saw a little excerpt this past Sunday where Gregory had some Israeli guest on and was just raking him across the coals for killing children. 

Now, anybody paying scant attention knows what you just said: Hamas is putting children in the targets.  Hamas wants the children casualties! They want the news that that will produce.  They want to create news that makes Israel look like child killers.  So why don't these independent thinkers in the media see this, understand it, know it, and react to it instead of accepting the party line? 

Well, part of the answer has to be they're not curious and they're a little arrogant, but maybe it is no more complicated than they're not that smart.  There are all kinds of factors to explain this.  But, you know, you name a couple of so-called liberal celebrities and how that might signal a change in things. It obviously doesn't. 

But I can't explain it.  I don't know either of those two guys.  Never met 'em.  I couldn't begin to tell you what they're thinking, doing, or why.  But I do know about the Drive-By Media, and I do know how they act formulaically. I do know how they're slaves to conventional wisdom.  I know what they're gonna be for and against and why.

So you could have every celebrity that you think is important in Hollywood do a 180, come out and support Israel.  It isn't gonna change the Drive-By Media.  They're gonna think something's wrong with celebrities.  They're gonna think the celebrities have sold out, if they care about it, but they're not gonna be moved by it.  They're not gonna change their minds because of it.  I appreciate the call. 


RUSH:  Okay.  Let me say this one more time, too, because the caller asked, "Why does the media always support Hamas and never support Israel?"  Folks, it's no more complicated than this: Israel is seen as the big, bad, powerful majority.  Hamas, Palestinians, are the poor, disadvantaged minority.  Israel equals the big superpower that's always had their way. 

They've got much more than the Palestinians have, and they're mean spirited. It's no more complicated that that.  They view the US the same way.  Obama and his buddies think the US need to be cut down to size.  We're rich because we've taken what we have and stolen it from everybody else.  It's no more complicated than that!  It's powerful-unfair majority versus put-upon, simple, little, disadvantaged, victimized minority.

Pure and simple, that's how they see the world.  Israel, in that conflict, happens to be the unfair bad guy.  I'll give you an example of this.  Jake Tapper, CNN, last night speaking with the spokesman for Netanyahu, Mark Regev about the conflict.  No matter what you know, Tapper's accusing this guy killing children. It's predictable.  Here it is.

TAPPER:  Israel has, in the last three weeks, killed more Palestinian children -- more than 200 -- than the total number of Israeli soldiers killed in military operations since 2006, which includes the second Lebanon War, Operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Defense, and now Operation Protective Edge. (siren sound effect) That is a lot of dead children, especially, uh, relative to the number of soldiers, uh, that have been killed in Israel -- uh, in Israeli military operations in the last eight years.  At what point does the Israeli government say, "E-e-enough, we're killing too many innocent children"?

RUSH:  See?  See?  Israel, evil, big bad guy.  It doesn't even enter his mind that Hamas is putting those kids in their prime target area.  But you'll notice: Israel -- big, bad, murderer of children; poor, victimized Hamas. Here's the reply he got.

REGEV:  We don't want to see innocent civilians caught up in the crossfire between us and Hamas, but I think the question that you raised --

TAPPER:  But Mark, i-i-it's not... It's not just the crossfire, though!

REGEV: No, it is.  Hamas is responsible for all deaths on their side and on our side because they were the ones that kept this conflict going, and added to that --

TAPPER: Mark, but, but!

REGEV: -- and you'd better remember this, Jake. This...

TAPPER:  But Netanyahu said no to the ceasefire draft that Kerry proposed!

REGEV:  Not true.  Not true.  Not true.  Let's be clear here.  People are fighting, people are dying, because Hamas has repeatedly said "no" to a ceasefire.  Hamas has adopted a deliberate policy of endangering Gaza civilians, using them as human shields.

RUSH:  There's no question about that.  Yet it makes no impact.  It doesn't get through.  At the end of the day, "Israel is killing children."  It doesn't matter why, doesn't matter how, doesn't matter who's ultimately responsible.  Israel is doing it, and why?  "Why, more children have died than Israeli soldiers," and they start counting it up and so forth.  Folks, the explanation is right in front of our faces here. 

It's just a question of accepting it. 

The answers may seem simplistic, but the simplest explanation for something is usually the right answer.



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