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"I'm not banging the bells here for impeachment. Impeachment's a very serious the thing. That's why to have it thrown around here as though it's just the next Social Security spending bill kind of does it a disservice."

"A government shutdown is what would happen, theoretically, if the Republicans exercise their power of the purse. There's no reason in July to say that there won't be a government shutdown in October, unless you think that the people will hate you less."

"Liberals are always liberals first, whether they're women, whether they're Jewish, whether they're actors, whatever they are. They're liberals first, and that defines everything."

"I continually get mischaracterized on this impeachment business. I have not led any pro-impeachment movement! I am not."

"Netanyahu is considered a right winger and there isn't a right winger in the world that the media is gonna support. Every right winger, every so-called conservative may as well be the Tea Party as far as they're concerned."

"Did you hear Nancy Pelosi? What? She has to be a buffoon, has to be. 'No deportation without representation,' she said, meaning, we need to give this flood of illegals pro-bono lawyers."

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been convinced. I already was. Let me put it that way. I have just had the exclamation point attached to my being convinced that the Obama administration has chosen sides, and the side they've chosen is Hamas."

"Stephen A. Smith was hired, like I was, by ESPN. Stephen A. Smith was hired and put on an opinion show in the morning on the network ESPN2. He was hired because he says outrageous things. Apparently not, though."

"While I, El Rushbo, have not once advocated for impeachment, despite the fact the media is putting me at the head of that class doing it, I do think it is a mistake politically for the Republicans to take it off the table. There is no politics to be gained by taking it off the table. The fact that they think there is, is an illustration of just how deeply depressed they are."

"When you use kids and you soften the opposition to the whole notion of illegal immigration, because nobody wants to do anything to harm the children. Witness the way Hamas uses children in the battle with Israelis."

"I have never made a call for impeachment. I've never demanded the House Republicans get going on this. And yet I am part of the conservative talk radio faction leading the charge. This is exactly what the media is gonna be doing with everybody."

"Impeachment is a political the thing. It's not legal, in the modern era. And until a political case is made, any attempt is pointless."

"It wasn't just all of a sudden one day, out of the clear blue, tens of thousands of children are trying to get in the country. This has been orchestrated, in part by repeated claims by the Regime that if you're here, you get to stay."

"The politics of it is that the Regime thought making children the face of illegal immigration would lower resistance to illegal immigration. They were playing the children card again. A great miscalculation. A huge political miscalculation."

"The only way you can control Ebola is to quarantine the people who come down with it. There is no treatment, no cure. So you have to stop the spread, which means you have to shut down airports. You cannot let people leave, and this is what some of these original three African countries did."

"If Ebola can penetrate hazmat gear worn by trained doctors who are specifically treating this disease, you know it is not hard to contract."


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