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Hamas PR Campaign Works on Liberals


RUSH:  We were just watching Fox News, ladies and gentlemen. One of their foreign policy experts, KT McFarland, was in the Bush administration.  She made a point that I have been making myself ever since this latest incarnation of the Middle East peace process began.  Essentially what she said was that the only hope the Palestinians and Hamas have... Because they can't beat Israel militarily. There's no way. They don't have a prayer. 

That right there is one reason why the media and the Democrats support them: because they're the underdogs. They're the poor, disadvantaged, put-upon minority versus the big power, unfairly powerful, mean-spirited, children-killing majority.  She said the only hope the Palestinians/Hamas have is to mount a PR campaign that casts Israel as murderers, killers of children, not caring who dies, just launching attack after attack in the civilian neighborhoods.

She said that's all they can do, and that's exactly what they are doing.  The point is... I had somebody ask me yesterday on the program, "How in the world can anybody not identify the good guys and bad guys in that conflict, particularly knowing that Israel is an ally of the United States?" If you consider us the good guys, then so are our allies.  It's just what KT McFarland said, and this is the way that the left and Obama look at it. 

It's the way they look at everything: Whoever has power, whoever is the majority -- if there are a couple of other criteria that are also medt -- they're illegitimate.  So in this case the Israelis, they're the big, powerful, rich (by comparison) majority.  That alone makes it unfair, and that unfairness alone mandates that people like Obama and the left support the downtrodden, put-upon, minority/underdog, Hamas.  "They're poor. They're uneducated!

"They're just defensive, and you've got these evil aggressors -- these mean Israelis -- trying to keep everybody under their thumb," and this is how they see the world.  I was happy to see her put it in those terms, because those are understandable terms.  It's also educational, because it's the way the left picks sides on everything -- and if the side they want to pick is not deserving of naturally of being picked, then they'll make them deserving by classifying them as a minority or as a victim. 

That's how you get to the attack on the rich. That's how you get to the attack on Wall Street, the attacks on Republicans or whatever. There's always a mean bully that is always the majority.  Usually it's white, and usually it's been around since the beginning of time -- and over here you have people who are their victims. They have stolen from them or have cheated them out of things or whatever. 

In other words, the poor victims would have a lot more in life if the evil bullies hadn't taken it from them or weren't denying it to them.  You add to this that the evil bullies aggressively don't like and take action against the victims, and therefore these people must be defended and must be spoken up for because there are always many more people in the victim/disadvantaged category.  So you have a much greater chance of securing mass support if you target those people. 

You have to do it in a way to make it look like you are their friend, but the worst thing that ever happened to minorities in this country is the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party... You know people talk about the culture rot in this country, and the depravity and culture war or what have you.  I saw something the other day, somebody -- I don't remember who, but somebody -- theorized it's all about sex.

Free sex, contraception, birth control pill; that once the sexual revolution hit, once there weren't any consequences, that that began the downward spiral.  I don't agree with that.  I mean, it's certainly seductive as an explanation.  But I don't think that's what (at base, anyway) the culture clashes are all about.  Because what that has led to is what's worse, and that is the total demolishing of what used to be considered the family unit.

Single-parent households. 

I think that the demolishing of the family unit -- the traditional household makeup -- is really what is at the base of destroying or damaging our culture.  


RUSH:  Right on schedule.  As soon as I finish what happens, CBS News posts this headline on the World Wide Web.  "Anguish and Outrage as Gaza Toll Mounts."  And, by the way, according to Israeli news, the head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal, worth $2.6 billion. The idea that -- poor downtrodden, mistreated, minority, that must be defended against the evil aggressor Israelis.  Folks, if you want to understand liberalism, this defines everything.  It's how you can decipher who they're going to end up supporting and why. 

In other words, there's no substance. There's no substance to their decision-making here.  It's all a political calculation, and it is all designed to advance their agenda, which is throw away your freedom, give it to them, let them expand the government or whatever element they use to control you and let them do it.  Because they're looking out for you.  Because they're there to protect you against the big bad wolf or whoever.  And to get there they have to lie to you. 

Hamas is responsible for its children dying.  Hamas is putting them in the tunnels.  Hamas is putting them in hospitals and schools, and then establishing those places as military centers making them legitimate, logical targets.  Plus it is Hamas who is the aggressor in all this.  It isn't Israel.  The Hamas PR campaign is working.  It's one of these things I was talking about at the beginning of the program.  Everything is so out of whack that the sensible are considering themselves insane, because everything is diametrically opposed, common sense is inapplicable.  



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