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Why I Remain Optimistic About America


RUSH: Mike in Louisville, Kentucky, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello Rush.  You mentioned earlier that Obama has chosen his legacy to be the economy.  My question is: How does anyone get to choose their legacy?  Is it not history that will do that? 

RUSH:  Who writes the history? 

CALLER:  Well, I'm sure there are plenty of Obama acolytes that would be doing that, but after decades perhaps, hopefully someone will get back into the facts of what's gone on here.

RUSH:  I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Okay, we're going to have some Obama hacks who will write the first history of the Obama administration. But then generations are going to come and go and people are going to be born 50 years from now who won't have any idea what went on here, other than what they can dig up -- and they will be appalled, and they will write the true legacy of Obama." Right? 

CALLER:  I would hope so.

RUSH:  Well, who is going to teach them what they know? 

CALLER:  That's a good question.  You're probably not going to find it in the history books.

RUSH:  That's the thing.  You go look at a history book today. I'll never forget this.  It was in the late 1990s. There was a man; he was the president of Boston University.  His name was John Silver, and he did a research project on the top five history textbooks used in American high schools and the public school system, and he founded the single longest reference to Abraham Lincoln was a paragraph. 

Yet, there were chapters and chapters on Bill Clinton and his greatness.  Admittedly, these are people who were alive during Clinton who were trying to cover him and protect him and all that also propagandizing students of the era.  So I understand that by the time we get to a generation of people that are unaffected, unbiased, unattached emotionally or any other way to what was happening at this moment, the truth will out.

CALLER:  But also is it not the condition of the country as a result of these past six years and the next two? That has got to be a fact that will have to be considered.

RUSH:  I know, but see here's what scares me.  I'm not trying to be a pessimist.  I'm really not.  I'm trying to be a realist.  I have expected it. What you think is going to happen, I've expected to happen in my lifetime.  I've expected for ultimately this disaster to be seen for what it is.  I have expected the downward curve in moral depravity to reach a bottom and start rebounding.  That hasn't happened.  We haven't reached the gutter yet. 

Either that or we're so beneath the gutter that standing straight up we're not going to reach it.  The same thing is happening with... Liberalism is so dominant in education and media that the truth is being buried.  The truth is being papered over.  You ask, "Who gets to write their own legacy?"  Obama will be able to. If he wants his legacy to be the economy, I guarantee you there are thousands of people right now who will write the book.  There are thousands. Whatever he wants, there are people who will give it to him.

CALLER:  But there will be millions of us that will feel the effects.

RUSH:  Well, I know. See, that's the hope. The hope is that at some point a majority will finally have had enough and say, "No more," and start trying to correct some of this.  That's what some people hope that a future or maybe current generation of young people will finally do.  But you still have to go back to who's teaching them what they know. 


RUSH: Why is Obama the way he is?  Was he born this way?  Is Obama the product...? For Obama to believe what he believes about this country -- for Obama to believe this country is unjust and unfair and is not a legitimate superpower, that we don't deserve all this -- somebody has had to put all of that into his head in a persuasive way day in, day out.  Somebody had to make a concerted effort to teach him this, because this is not what American history is.

His belief of what this country is is not right.  But it's what he's been taught; it's what he believes.  And it's become so much a part of his fabric that it's not now just a matter of belief to him. It's what "is," and it's that way with every other leftist just like him.  It's spreading.  The kids are learning this in school.  They're learning Obama's perspective, the modern Democrat Party's perspective on this -- which again, if I may say, is why I've decided to write these excellent, if I might add, children's books.



RUSH: The Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series aims to capture some of this at a young formative age.  I'm like you. I keep thinking, "Okay, 50 years from now," or however far down the road you want to go, "independent analysts are going to have all the data in front of them.  They'll see what happened with immigration, they'll see what happened with the economy, and they're going to be able to conclude," we hope, "that it was the direct result of a presidency and his policies that caused this to happen. 

Well, what if the people 50 years from now also believe that this country should have experienced that to find out what it's like to be another country in the world, because we were not legitimate; that we were a superpower not because of our greatness inherent, but because of our theft and because of our aggressive colonialist behavior? At some point, this behavior has to stop.  At some point, the truth has to be taught.  At some point, this has to be countered.  Some stuff being taught in universities today is outrageous.  Modern journalists are required to take history courses.  What do you think they're learning?


RUSH: It's a massive, massive reversal that's gotta take place here. 

CALLER:  But the beauty of our country, hopefully, is the fact that we can reelect and regroup and change if, heaven forbid, we might go too far.

RUSH:  Well, in the midst of all of this alarmism that I'm sounding, I must again say -- and I've believed this my whole life. I just said it, I've expected, because I'm an optimist, I've expected during the lifetime of this program, 26 years, I have expected that we would reach the bottom and certain things would rebound.  I still think that's going to happen.  Now I have to face the reality it may not happen in my lifetime.  But I still think it's going to happen. 

I think we're beginning to see the signs of it already in young people. Not all, but certainly young people.  I think we're beginning to see the signs of some young people who don't want to live the way they're going to be forced to if they don't fight it in this country.  I think we're seeing a lot of young people who don't want to be the extreme nut cases their parents are.  On the left, I mean.  I think old codger 60s generation liberals, I don't think their kids want to be like them, or their grandkids.  At least I'm seeing signs of that. 

But I remain optimistic, and I'll tell you why I'm optimistic.  I still think the majority of this country, and a decent sized one, is really repulsed by what's going on.  I think Murrieta, California and the protests of the buses, I think that's a microcosm of this whole country and their attitude about that issue, for example.  The people in this country do not want to erase the southern border.  They don't want what's happening now.  What's missing is an existing elected political opposition.  The reason people feel powerless and overwhelmed is because when they turn to Washington where this stuff has to be stopped, they don't see anybody trying to.  And that's the source of people being pessimistic or depressed, down in the dumps, whatever.

But I'm going to tell you, if there were, like Ted Cruz, these guys, if any of them manage to continue to rise in their area of dominant influence, if they're able to do it, you're going to see a massive, I don't want to use the word rebellion, but you're going to see a revival.  It's just awaiting leadership.  There's just no leadership, I think, for the majority of people in the country.  You have to throw the media into this, too, in terms of its power on impacting public minds and attitudes.  The people who are the majority of this country have been made to feel like they're the minority.  In fact, they've been made to feel you, me, as though we're a very small minority. 

It's worse than that.  Some people in the majority feel like they're all alone.  They feel like there isn't a big number of people like them anymore.  That's how effective the media has been in marginalizing. What used to be common sense mainstream thought is now considered extreme, wacko, hate filled racism, bigotry and homophobia.  And when this majority that exists here, we know it does, is absent leadership, then you're going to have increasing attitudes of frustration and feeling helpless and so forth. And that's why there's so much anger at the Republicans in Washington.  There isn't any opposition. There's no pushback. 

The majority of people in this country literally feel like they have no representation.  But if that were to change, you would see public attitudes, confidence and all that upbeat attitude, you would see that rebound so fast.  And I think it's going to happen.  I just don't know when.  But I refuse, I cannot come to grips with the fact that people like modern day Democrats can succeed in transforming, i.e., destroying this country as founded.  I just refuse to accept they're going to get away with it.  


RUSH: I gotta get back to the phones.  This is Lamont in Houston.  I'm glad you waited.  Great to have you on the program, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thanks Rush, excellent show today.

RUSH:  I appreciate that.  I really do.

CALLER:  I want to talk about exactly what you're talking about today.  One of the biggest weapons that the left and the Democrats have and are using is redefining everything.  That's kind of the weapon that I've noticed that they kind of rule over everything with.  They redefine liberalism as being progressive.  They redefine unaffordable healthcare as affordable healthcare.  They redefine illegal aliens as legal aliens.  It kind of ties into what you were saying today.  And I think what they do is these redefinitions shroud everything as a living lie.  And people don't realize and don't know it because they've redefined what the reality is.  So therefore they press on and they keep going to the news that the liberals put out there and believe in it and thinking that, oh, everything is not what it should be.  Like one of the main things that I've noticed that the Democrats have gotten away with is this big government thing.  Now, we all know that government is a parasite.  It lives off of the public, off of the free market. 

RUSH:  Whoa, whoa, whoa, do we all know that? 

CALLER:  No, we don't all know that.  That's correct.  You're right about that.  We don't all know that.  Us on the right, we know that. 

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER:  And what they do is you have to understand, if you allow a parasite to grow bigger than its host, the parasite ends up killing its host.  And a lot of people don't understand that dynamic.  They don't understand that relationship.  And they see the host as being smaller than the government and that's the redefinition that they get away with, when in reality the government doesn't produce any income.  The government doesn't generate cash flow, and it's amazing, really amazing how these Democrats on the left can redefine things people are not looking into for themselves, doing the research.

RUSH:  It doesn't even get --

CALLER:  Living a lie.

RUSH:  For the people that you are talking about, I don't think they even get anywhere near thinking of it in those terms.  For example, there are, as we speak, 100 million human beings in this country who are not working.  Every one of them is living as though they are working.  They have most of their necessities and they have quite a few other wants.  They have a place to live.  They probably have a car.  They have food stamps.  Many of them are able to watch television and many of them have a cell phone.  And that's where it ends.  I mean, do you think they're thinking about where it's coming from and that it might end and that -- actually, they do think about that when they hear Republicans talking about cutting government.  "Oh, no, you're not.  Oh, no, you won't."  And they vote for the Democrats because they think that will keep the gravy train coming.  Do you think they're worried about the host getting bigger than the parasite or verse visa?

CALLER:  No, I don't.  And like, for example, Rush --

RUSH:  Obama believes that the private sector is the parasite. 

CALLER:  There you go.

RUSH:  The private sector is the parasite in his world.  (imitating Obama) "You didn't build that.  You didn't become a success on your own. You're not fooling anybody. You didn't do that.  You wouldn't have what you have.  Behind every great fortune is a crime.  Every one."  That's what they think.

CALLER:  Now the truth behind that in my opinion is that it's such a lie because now they're using government as a cash cow.  They'll come out with all of these programs that don't work and they'll play the middleman of these programs and they'll give a pittance to whoever is supposed to receive whatever benefit this program is supposed to offer while they get rich in the middle.  And that's what these leftist politicians do.  They take away from --

RUSH:  What do you mean the program isn't working?  I've got my food stamps.  I have my cell phone.  I've got my car.  I have a place to live.  I can watch SportsCenter and the World Cup.  I can't go on a Hawaiian vacation and things like that, but who says the programs aren't working? 

CALLER:  That's the point, is that you get on these programs and they don't hold you to a higher standard so you don't achieve above and beyond the program and that's what the left always pulls, especially in the black community, my community.

RUSH:  The reason you can't achieve is not because of you, it's because there are people purposely keeping you down, and that's why those people have to be gotten even with.  There are people stepping on you.  The rich have taken your money.  You used to be rich.  You just don't remember it.  But the rich stole it from you when you were drunk one night.

CALLER:  That's the weapon: Redefining.

RUSH:  You've forgotten it, and so you can't be everything you want to do because The Man has the deck stacked against you.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH:  He's going to stop you every time you start getting anywhere, and so you gotta keep voting Democrat to get even with The Man.

CALLER:  And that's the weapon.  That's redefining truth!

RUSH:  I totally agree with you.  Now, let me add to this.  "Rush, you're sounding awfully pessimistic."  I don't mean to be sounding pessimistic.  Folks, I still think people need to be educated about this, and the very people we're talking about need to be properly informed.  That's why I play devil's advocate with the guy.  I'm not trying to beat him down into giving up. Not at all.  Do not think that. 

I'm not trying to be pessimistic; I'm trying to be realistic.  We've got to understand how the Democrats pull this off in order to have any kind of a recovery from it. That's why I think it is so important to be upbeat and optimistic with people and tell them that they are capable of much more than they think they are.  The Democrat Party is telling them just the exact opposite.

The Democrat Party is basically telling them that without everything the Democrats are doing for them, they wouldn't amount to a hill of beans.  There's no inspiration coming out of the Democrat Party.  There's no uplifting, inspiring rhetoric that you hear there.  Everything is doom and gloom and pessimism with the Democrats as the only hope.  That's what has to be countered in people's minds.

Talk to people who have lived under real communism and come to America. They can tell you. They know this instinctively; they've lived it.  Talk to anybody who used to be a, quote/unquote, "ward of the state" and somehow found their way out.  They will tell you, if people lived the reality or lived the possibility -- and that's what has to be inspired.

I think, inherent in the conservative message, is cheerful optimism.  Because the truth be known, we conservatives want everybody to do well because we love people.  We want everybody to be the best they can be.  We want the country to thrive and prosper, and that doesn't happen unless people do.  It doesn't happen if government alone does.  Not even close. 

So playing these devil's advocate games is simply a way of, in my view anyway, trying to be a little bit informative and persuasive rather than just accept what is, because it doesn't have to be this way.  It really doesn't. That's why I don't think the Democrats are the ones with compassion.  Counting the number of people that live the way they do because the Democrats make it possible equals compassion?  

Not in the slightest.  



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