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Keyshawn Johnson Offends with Wedding iPad

RUSH: Does the name Keyshawn Johnson ring a bell, Mr. Snerdley?  Keyshawn Johnson, "Just give me the damn ball."  A former wide receiver for the New Jersey Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had a rivalry with Wayne Chrebet, which he called a midget or something.  Well,  he's getting married.  After all these years, Keyshawn Johnson is getting married.  He's marrying a woman named Jennifer Conrad.  They have two children.

They sent out their wedding invitations recently.  Their wedding invitations were on iPads.  Everybody they're inviting to their wedding was sent an iPad and the Miss Manners crowd is just appalled.  The proper way to do this, they say, is with engraved invitations, classy engraved invitations with the right tissue paper in there.  Send out iPads, how gouache!  In addition to that, guess what else the iPads had on it?  A direct link to where they registered for wedding presents. 

Yes, they thought of everything.  So you get your wedding invitation on your iPad and on that iPad is a direct link to wherever they're registered.  I don't know where it is, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom's, whatever the heck it is.  It's a direct link.  They've made it easy for their guests to buy them wedding gifts by including the registry right on the iPad.  But there's some people that think this is really over the top, not classy.  All this money that they're spending on the iPads, and these critics are asking, "I wonder, is the iPad set up so that's all can you do with it is read the invitation and go to the store to buy something. Or can you actually use this thing after their wedding?" 

Nobody knows yet.  Well, I guess the people that have received them do, if they've been sent out.  Something over a hundred of these things that they've bought. (interruption) You think it's pretty cool?  Pretty cool?  That's all I know.  I don't know when the wedding is.  I don't know where the wedding is.  But that obviously has all that information on it.  There's a photo gallery.  There's a guest book and a countdown to the big day.  The iPads, it turns out, were sent to several guests a few weeks ago.  Once they're turned on a program opens informing the recipients of the wedding event. 

So you get the iPad, start it up and it boots to the app that was created that has the wedding invitation on it.  I assume you get to keep the iPad. (interruption) Well, they could have engraved the iPad on the back, that's very true, like we have engraved the EIB iPad.  We don't have any right now, but we always get them in.  Anyway, the hoity toity crowd is just outraged at this.  It's such a breach of protocol.  It's a cheap attempt to buy class and to be hip, they're saying.  

Redskins Donate to Tribe, Libs Complain

RUSH: Get this, this is from Great Falls Tribune, Montana. The Washington Redskins have donated $200,000 for a playground to a Montana Indian tribe.  This is not going over well, except for the Indian tribe.  The Indian tribe is ecstatic.  The Indian tribe is as happy as they can be.  They're going to keep the money.  They have a nice new play ground for their kids, but the critics are out in force saying it's nothing but a bribe. 

"Mike Sangrey understands some people think his Chippewa Cree Tribe is selling out by taking money from the Washington NFL team’s Original Americans Foundation."  See, they won't even call them the Redskins in this story.  They call them the Washington NFL team.  The Redskins have set up -- and this is for a long time, it's not new -- something called the Original Americans Foundation. 

And Mike Sangrey is a chief and he doesn’t care about that. He doesn't care that he's being called a sell-out or a bribe taker, because "there’s a spanking-new playground scheduled to open at noon today on the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, and that’s what matters to him. ... The rodeo-themed playground belongs to the tribe, but the branding belongs to the Washington Redskins." The Redskins mark is all over the playground. 

"The place is awash in the team colors of burgundy and gold. The team’s logo appears four times, near a slide here and a teeter-totter there. The team’s foundation paid about $200,000 for this gleaming tribute to itself. ... 'I have no problem with the name,' tribal chairman Rick Morsette said. 'And if they’re willing to help our youth, that’s good, too.'"

But just like when David Koch gave $25 million to the United Negro College Fund, the left is demanding that the tribe give the money back because this is nothing more than Washington's NFL team trying to bribe an Indian tribe in the midst of the controversy over the name of the team.  

Obama Blames Congress for Everything at Press Conference

RUSH:  I guess Obama's going to make some huge statement on something here and it says at 2:35.  So that will be 3:00 when he shows up Eastern Time.  Although, he might want to show up and think he can interrupt this program on anniversary day.  But I guess all the Drive-Bys think his statement is going to be on the Middle East. That's what they're all talking about.  So I guess they think he's going to come out and say something about there's an Israeli defense force soldier supposedly kidnapped.  But now they're denying that, the Palestinians, "We didn't kidnap anybody. What do you mean? We didn't capture any Israeli soldiers.  There's a ceasefire going on."  Yeah, it lasted for 90 seconds.  


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