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How Do We Know This Ebola Is Contained?


RUSH:  This is Eric in Margate, New Jersey.  Great to have you on the program, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  Great to talk with you guys.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.  I appreciate that.

CALLER:  Rush, I have a question of you.  Since this might be the most dangerous virus since maybe the Plague -- which they don't teach in school -- that wiped out all of Europe years ago, and since they put the moon men in quarantine for 30 days when they got back, how come that ambulance didn't have a police escort for 15 miles so we didn't have Ebola all over a highway in Atlanta?

RUSH:  Why didn't it have a police escort?

CALLER:  Yeah.  It was just driving by itself, but there weren't cars behind it to make sure it got there safe, so it didn't get in an accident.

RUSH:  Well, I don't think they wanted to call attention to it.  Are you making a joke? 

CALLER: No, I'm not making a joke. I saw it on Fox News, and I told my wife, "How come there's not a police car behind that to make sure -- going through tractor-trailers and stuff -- if it has an accident, you would have a hazmat situation on Atlanta's highway?"

RUSH:  'Cause they didn't want anybody to know what they were doing it.  I mean, they don't want to call attention to it at the moment.  You never know what somebody might do, try to ram the ambulance to cause a problem. 

CALLER:  I think they still should take precautions.  I don't know.

RUSH:  Well, supposedly the patient was isolated in a tent in the jet, in a vacuum-sealed tent, and it is.  I've seen the inside of this jet.  The crew was not exposed to the patient.  The patient's put inside of a tent, even though the disease has found its way through hazmat gear in the past.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  And then the same thing in the ambulance, the same thing in the hospital.  Now, as to why there wasn't a police escort? I think it's about trying to do things on the down low low-key, as they say.

CALLER:  Well, they're announcing that the other girl's coming in a couple days.

RUSH:  Yeah, Nancy Writebol.

CALLER:  Yes.  So, I mean, they're gonna be looking for... They had a helicopter flying over on Fox. I was watching it on Saturday. So, I mean, it was obvious. It was on the road. They announced it was driving for 15 miles from where it landed.

RUSH:  Right.  Fifteen miles from Hartfield to the hospital.


RUSH:  And you want to know why there wasn't a police escort?

CALLER:  Yes.  I feel they're not taking it serious.

RUSH:  Oh, that's where you are.  You think they're not taking it seriously.  Well, that's problematic.  I don't think that's the case.  I think they wanted to not make a big deal of it so as not to attract any problems or any potential problems.  The word gets out that they're doing this, and there'll be a number of people who are not gonna take time to try to understand it, figure out. They're not gonna buy any explanation.

So I think this was just low-keying it, but I have to tell you: The Atlantic website already has a story up. (chuckling) I can predict these people.  I know what they're gonna do before they do it: "Recovering Americans and the Top-Secret Ebola Treatment."  The Atlantic has a story out that basically asks: Why did US missionaries get the top-secret Ebola serum and hundreds of others did not? 

I knew that was gonna happen. I knew that there were gonna be a bunch of people ask that question, "Okay, we've got this lifesaving serum. We have this mystical, magical serum that reverses the effects, and we didn't leave it for any of these suffering people in these three African countries? We snuck it over there and we administered it to an American and then got the American out?  What, is Africa no good for us?" 

I guarantee you, I knew this was gonna happen.

The Atlantic already has the story up.  Eric, thanks for the call.  I appreciate it.  


RUSH:  This is Patti in Acworth, Georgia. It's great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  It's a great pleasure to talk with you today.

RUSH:  Thank you.  It's a pleasure to have you.  Great to have you here.  Thank you.

CALLER:  Thank you.  Just following up. I'm not an alarmist by any means with regard to the Ebola issue, but there's something that's not adding up to me.  They keep saying that this is not easily transmitted, that it's only by bodily fluids. Yet the doctor and the missionary that have contracted the virus, I would assume that they wore the garb that we keep seeing them wearing on TV. It's almost like a hazmat-type suit.

RUSH:  One of the doctors... Not the American. I think it was a Sierra Leone or Liberian treatment center doctor who contracted the disease, and the report that I read... Who knows what you can believe anymore, but the report I read said he was in full hazmat gear.

CALLER:  Right, and I would assume our doctor and the missionary did the very same, and if that's the case, then what's the explanation for how they contracted it?

RUSH:  Well, I would love to know that, because here is what I'm told you have to do.  It's not spread like the common cold or the flu -- sneezing, airborne, that kind of vector.  You have to come in contact with bodily fluids, which could have been blood, which could be mucus from the nose, which could be other bodily fluids that you and I as adults know what we're talking about, Patti.

But aside from that, it is not airborne -- and yet, look at how this spreads. 

It seems to spread pretty easily.  Now, you'd have to come in contact with somebody's blood. You'd have to come in contact with somebody's mucus. It could be blood from a bedsore or a cut on the hand, treating it, or some such thing.  Everything I've read in the reporting personifying the disease reports that this disease does everything it can to spread.  This disease does everything it can to infect everybody, and to have it downplayed and mocked is not right.

CALLER:  Well, I would just love somebody in the media to ask the question. If these folks were prepared to go in and treat the patients with their medical hazmat suits on, how do they explain that they contracted the virus?

RUSH:  Exactly. That is the question: If they're wearing full protective gear, hazmat or otherwise, how in the world did they get it?  These are doctors that we're treating here, folks. Doctors and nurses, they're the ones that we're treating here.  How did they contract it?


RUSH: Everybody's wondering, how do you contract, say, Ebola or any disease despite a hazmat suit?  Well, eventually you have to take the hazmat suit off, and they are decontaminated before you do, but who knows if you get every speck that might be on it, and what are they using to decontaminate it?  Who knows.  If you're wearing a hazmat suit the virus will, if you're dealing with these patients, the virus is gonna attach itself, it's gonna find its way to the hazmat suit. 

You gotta take it off at some point.  Maybe the disease does not permeate the hazmat suit, get inside.  Maybe all it takes is somebody getting out of one.  The possibilities are wide open here.  All we know is that people who have taken extreme precautions, doctors, have contracted the disease.  There's a great article, the UK Daily Mail, that has some really chilling pictures about the situation in Liberia at these medical centers.  And, folks, this is about as backwards as you can get. 

Look, I can totally understand wanting to bring American missionaries back home and treat them for this disease rather than leave them in one of these African countries or even trying to treat them there. You could have a riot if you start treating an American, you have a limited amount of serum, for example, this mystical, magical serum. If you go over there and you just start treating the Americans and you don't try to help everybody else, you could have PR problem, riots, who knows whatever else. So you do get them out.  I understand that. 

But the mocking of people who are concerned about this, that's a little bit over the top. And I think it's understandable, the people doing the mocking are people either in the administration or in the media defending the administration, and they of course don't want the thought out there that the Regime could be so incompetent as to let this happen.  But the problem is we see everything else this Regime is doing that's incompetent.  And that's giving the benefit of the doubt, claiming all this is incompetent. 

We see the absolute disaster that this Regime is making of this country.  And that's not just idle talk, and that's not talk designed to appeal to an audience.  It's what I really believe, and it scares the heck out of me.  And if I let myself go, I do get depressed over what's happening to this country.  You know, the thing that depresses me even more -- what Obama does, I can get.  I mean, that's who he is.  And who the Democrats are, that's who they are.  What they're doing makes sense.

The thing that really has always gotten to me is all the low-information people that don't see it.  And I'll bet it's the same thing for you.  You pull your hair out trying to figure out how in the world do people, A, not see it, or B, and not just the low-information, how about all the high-information, super elite, wealthy people like in Hollywood who are giving money so that all this can continue.  Do they know what they're doing?  I know, folks, it's a maddening thing that we're confronted with every day.  


RUSH:  Caleb in Huntsville, Alabama.  Great to have you on the program, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello, sir.  Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER:  I just wanted to let you know that if you're worried about Ebola, all you need to do is just point your attention to social media.  They got it broken down into a oversimplified flowchart. If you're worried about it, all you need to do is just bring yourself down to the last point and it basically just lets you know that if you haven't contracted any Ebola through bodily fluid that you just need to go ahead and shut up.

RUSH:  Social media's got the answer, huh?

CALLER:  They got the answer, and it's an unnamed source.  Just in your preferred search engines go ahead and look for flowchart Ebola, it'll pop up.

RUSH:  And what does it tell you to do?

CALLER:  You start out in the flowchart, you know, it says something to the effect of, you know, are you concerned with the Ebola, and, you know, it says yes or no. And if you follow it to "no" it says, well, you know, good thing.  If you say yes and you follow it down to the next point that they're trying to make, it says well have you --

RUSH:  Oh, Facebook will tell you whether you've got Ebola or not?

CALLER:  Exactly.  Exactly.  Let me see if I can pull it up.  But anyway, it just lets you know that if you have been contacted by anybody that has Ebola through bodily fluids you just need to go to the CDC, otherwise just shut up about it.

RUSH:  Really.  And how does that make you feel?

CALLER:  Well, as someone who really, you know, hasn't known any knowledge about Ebola, you know, I think this is just a really clever way of oversimplifying something that's probably a lot bigger than what it really is.

RUSH:  But wait a minute.  It's Facebook, I mean that's the gospel, isn't it?

CALLER:  You're right.  It's Twitter, too.  So --

RUSH:  Basically that flowchart, if I'm hearing you right, that flowchart basically tells you to shut the hell up and stop complaining, right?

CALLER:  Stop complaining, stop worrying about it, and go about your business.

RUSH:  Right.  Well, look, nobody's trying to start a panic here. Folks, I have to tell you, normally that is my attitude on all these kinds of things.  There's something about this -- you know, I never doubt my instincts.  There's something about this that's got just a portion of my brain flashing a little red light, and I can't -- it's a gut instinct here.  Now, for example, I've never had a flu shot. The Regime goes nuts telling everybody to get a flu shot. And when I heard about the bird flu, all those bird flu scares and the swine flu, never affected me, 'cause I figured I don't touch birds and I'm never in contact with a pig, so I don't have to worry about it. 

This, however, is an entirely different thing to me because this virus has no cure, and it is deadly, and it seems to spread pretty easily. So just something about this, I mean, I started feeling so bad for these poor people in Africa that are living in backward circumstances anyway, they've got enough going on without this, and now this has been unleashed on them.  When I heard that we're gonna bring -- now, I know the Centers for Disease Control has all kinds of viruses and diseases contained in labs for study, but there's something about this, though, that made me think I better be careful and pay attention to it.  And I can't explain why. 

But this thing that you're seeing on Facebook that basically tells you to shut up and go away, I mean, I've had that attitude about all these vaccines the Regime puts on us.  You know, I've never had one of these vaccines.  Well, the flu shots.  Bird flu, swine flu, whatever it is.  Anyway, Caleb, I appreciate the phone call.  I wouldn't know what was going on on Facebook without your call.  I just had the flowchart e-mailed to me, so I'll get a chance -- well, here, I happen to just have my laptop in front of me here today, so let me see if I can -- that's not in a file I can open right now.  I'll check it during the break.  


RUSH:  I have this flowchart that has been posted on Facebook.  I can't print it out and show it to you because it has the F-bomb in it.  So I can't do that.  I don't have time to go in and Photoshop, edit the thing out, I don't want to scratch it out.  So it basically is three lines and a red banner at the top with yellow font: "Are you concerned about Ebola?" It's a flow tree chart actually. "Yes" exclamation point in red; "blue," not really, and then a white box, the word "good." 

So you're not supposed to be concerned.  Have you had direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person?  Yes or no.  If yes, please call the CDC.  If no, please shut the F up.  So it's meant to be funny while at the same time conveying that it's not worth panicking over and just shut up about it.  That's the purpose of the Facebook flowchart, as I see it there.  



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