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Media Mocks Concerns Over Ebola, As Evil Americans Keep Miracle Cure to Themselves


RUSH:  Yeah, you gotta love this.  Have you all noticed all of the mockery there has been in the media over the weekend about any fears anybody might have about Ebola in the United States?  All we have here is a disease for which there's no cure. It's fatal to 50 to 90% of the people that get it. And people expressing concern about it being within our borders are being made fun of. They're being mocked as fearmongers, and it's not just one story.  There have been all kinds of stories of snide comments over the weekend in the Drive-By Media that essentially mock all of you rubes, all of you people in America who are nervous about the spread of Ebola in the United States. 

You know, I have to tell you, I especially love it when they trot out somebody from the Centers for Disease Control to tell us, "Don't worry, not a thing to worry about." They've got it all under control.  That's the same Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that we found out last month had forgotten they were storing viable, living anthrax in old cardboard boxes in a storage room for decades.  That just slipped their mind down there. 

But, anyway, one of the infected Americans -- I guess it was Thursday or Friday, they flew over, maybe it was Saturday, and they took with them a super-secret serum that had never been used before, and apparently it is magical.  Grab audio sound bite number 12.  This is Sanjay Gupta on CNN's New Day today, Kate Bolduan talking to him.  She said, "You were able to get new details, extensive details on this serum being given to the Ebola patient.  What are you learning?"

GUPTA:  This experimental therapy that was stored at subzero temperatures being flown into Liberia expressly for the use of Dr. Brantly. And 60 minutes after he was administered the medication his condition, it sounds like, nearly reversed.  His breathing became regular. He had a significant rash over his body that started to go down, and he just improved really, really quickly.  By the next morning, even was able to take a shower before getting on the preplanned medical evacuation jet ride back here to the United States.  First it was Dr.Brantly, and then apparently Ms. Writebol, received it as well. It had never been used on a human being before.  Typically, medications go through a clinical trial process where you show that it is safe, you show that it is effective, and then it becomes more widely available.  This had never been done before, only in monkeys.

RUSH:  Where did this come from?  Who knew?  And wait 'til the rest of the world hears about the fact that we've got it and that we took it to Liberia but only used it on a sick American and didn't share it with sick Liberians.  Wait 'til Obama finds out about that.  Folks, there is gonna be hell to pay.  When Obama finds out we've got this super-secret thing that does something magical to Ebola and we took it to Liberia and used it on an American, and then brought him and the serum home and we didn't share it?  This is exactly what has been wrong with this country that Obama's been trying to fix.  Unfair that we should have something like this.  Where did this come from? 

Well, let's stay with CNN's New Day, and the hostette, Kate Bolduan, speaking with the NIH Director of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci.  This guy came to fame, worldwide fame in the AIDS epidemic back in the eighties.  Kate Bolduan said, "Now, some of Sanjay Gupta's reporting suggested that representatives from NIH contacted these organizations to try to get in touch with these patients to offer this treatment.  What more can you tell us about this serum?"

FAUCI:  The NIH is not offering the treatment up.  The original research on that has been supported by the NIH, but the actual procurement and ownership of the antibody is not NIH. It’s from a company who was able to get a very, very few doses that are around to get some of those doses to the patients involved, to the doctor and to Nancy. So that's the role of the NIH, was in the original research, but we don't own those antibodies.

RUSH:  The private sector!  Oh, man, is Obama gonna be ticked.  So a company in the private sector came up with this magical serum, but there isn't much of it.  There was only enough to take to Liberia for two patients.  Americans.  Now, granted, they were doing the work of the Lord. They were over there helping other Ebola victims. That's how they contracted the disease.  But nevertheless we take the serum over there. There's not much of it. We don't share it. We haven't shared the formula, just typical American selfishness and greed.  No wonder we brought these two back.  We got a magical serum.  Anyway, greetings, folks, I thought you'd like to know that while we've got this magical serum, and the media continued to mock everybody concerned about this.  


RUSH:  I want to thank those of you sending me critical e-mails, such as, "Why are you wasting time talking about Ebola?  For crying out loud, do you not know what's going on with the border and with impeachment and now they're trying to bring Romney back?"  Wait just a second now.  Wait just a second.  The reason why it's a great question is because, folks, we're into our 27th year.  There's something that you need to grasp about this program.  Everything discussed here is politics.  The way Ebola is being dealt with is political.  And it is instructive, it's informative, it's educational, and will tell you a lot about the left. 

The Centers for Disease Control, with the actual number of homosexuals in America at 1.6%, and their reaction to it is totally a political story.  The reason is the left politicizes everything.  


RUSH:  I'll show you what I mean about Ebola and how it's been politicized -- and it is.  Everything the left does is political.  It would help so much if you could just accept this, folks, but I'll explain what I mean when we get back.


RUSH: I'm not through on this Ebola stuff.  I started talking about Obama -- Ebola -- I almost said Ebama.  What a Freudian slip that would be.  I started talking about Ebola and I got some e-mail in the first break, "What are you doing?  For crying out loud, Rush, do you realize what's going on?" 

You know, it never ceases to amaze me, 26 years, and there are people who think I still miss things.  Anyway, as I said, if you really want to understand this program, if you really do, you're gonna have to accept something, that pretty much everything I'm talking about I'm talking about because it is political. 

Now, you might say, "What do you mean, politicizing a disease?"  Ever heard of AIDS?  You think that wasn't political?  One of the very, well, not first, one of the most intense efforts to undermine support for Ronald Reagan was hatched through AIDS.  So don't think for a moment -- I mean, the left politicizes everything.  They look at everything within the realm of whether or not it can move their agenda forward, maybe even be added to their agenda. 

Now, let me give an example.  All weekend long -- well, let me first remind you what Ebola is.  It is a virus for which there is no known cure.  It is a virus for which there is no known treatment, other than this mysterious serum that was hatched in the private sector and administered to a couple of Americans over the weekend, but prior to that it had only been used on monkeys.  There's not very much of it, and the long-term effects, it's not been through the rigors of normal testing.  It was just given haphazardly, and it apparently had some miraculous effects in reversing the onset. 

But it's a virus.  There's no known cure.  The fatality rate is anywhere from 50 to 90%.  The first couple of weeks the symptoms duplicate the flu.  You don't know until the worst symptoms kick in.  And that is internal bleeding leading to organ failure and death.  The biggest outbreak of this disease in its history -- it was first discovered 1976 -- is occurring in three countries in Africa.  The disease has already made it out of these three countries.  It's landed in a patient at Gatwick in London.  The patient collapsed and died from it in London.  A couple of other patients escaped one of the three big countries and made it to a heavily populated capital, Lagos, Nigeria. 

So there's been an appropriate amount of concern raised over this.  I think our political, shall we say, minders, might have forgotten that Ebola was one of the primary weapons of mass destruction featured in a Tom Clancy novel.  I remember it. The people who've read that book and remember it are going to have some legitimate concerns about it.  Basically Islamic terrorists found a way to make a very concentrated primordial type soup out of the virus and spread it to the United States, and it did happen as part of the plot line of the story. 

The bottom line is it's a deadly disease.  It kills and there isn't any cure for it.  And so people are concerned and the people who've been expressing concern have been mocked and made fun of all weekend by the media and by others literally laughing at them and making fun of them for having this view. "There's no way, no way Ebola can ever spread in the United States.  There's no way Ebola could even get here on its own."  It is here.  It's quarantined at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, but it is here, two patients. 

So here's one story, Washington Post: "Why You’re Not Going to Get Ebola in the US."

That really worried me.  The Drive-By Media telling me something isn't gonna happen worries me.  Now, stop and think.  What does the government go batty over every fall and winter?  The flu, right?  They go bats.  They go nuts over trying to get you to get a flu shot.  And you start hearing about swine flu and bird flu and the Democrat flu and all these other deadly flus and how the flu can kill, especially the elderly and the young and the infirm.  You hear about all this, right?  They have a meltdown every year making sure everybody gets their flu shot. 

The early days of the AIDS epidemic, all these public service adds told everybody, "Don't worry, it isn't gonna spread. It isn't gonna be a problem." yada yada yada.  So here comes something that is deadly in up to 90% of people who get it. It's worse than the flu. It starts out symptom-like, like the flu, makes you think you've got the flu, and they're mocking it, they're saying "Oh, no, no, it's not possible, not a big deal."  And the same bunch of people that go crazy over the flu every year, and this is worse.  So why in the world would they mock concerns about this?  Why in the world would they belittle them and make fun of them?  Why in the world do this, when they go nuts over the flu and related diseases every year? 

Now, let's go to the audio sound bites.  This is The View on ABC today, and they're talking about the doctor in Liberia that was brought back on the jet over the weekend who was given the secret serum produced in the private sector and reversed his symptoms dramatically before he even got to the airplane.  They put him on a quarantined jet. They got him off the jet, put him in a quarantined limo or ambulance. They took that to a quarantined room at Emory Hospital.  And so Whoopi Goldberg and Nicolle Wallace are talking about this, and Whoopi brings up a tweet that Donald Trump tweeted out.  Tweet was in concern about bringing Brantly here.  Trump was not all that hot on the idea of bringing an Ebola-infected patient into the country and that begets the conversation.

GOLDBERG:  A lot of people were very worried about this idea that somebody with Ebola was gonna come back to the United States.  But I figure the CDC and all of these doctors and this airplane, which is pretty much a vacuum, has done everything they can do to make sure he and she are gonna be protected.  That to say that they went to a faraway place and they kind of have to deal with the consequences is kind of dopey.

RUSH:  Okay.  And next up it was Nicolle Wallace.  Now, Nicolle Wallace is a former campaign aide for George W. Bush.  She worked in the Bush White House.  She was also one of the people assigned to Sarah Palin when she was vice president who was really worried about Palin and didn't think she had what it took intellectually.  And so since she left the Bush administration, Nicolle Wallace has been has been working at places like CBS News and ABC News and so forth.  So here she is on The View with Whoopi Goldberg and responding to what Whoopi said about Trump's tweet that the patient not be brought here.

WALLACE:  Think about who else goes to faraway places, Whoopi.  We send our soldiers to faraway places.  I think that we should put them in one of Donald Trump's hotels in New Jersey.  I don't think they're doing very well.  And I think one of his hotels would be a great place.

RUSH:  So she's making a joke about bringing an Ebola patient back and putting it in one of Trump's hotels 'cause they're not doing all that great.  So it's being mocked and made fun of.  And the people who have concern about it are being mocked and made of.  This mockery was part of the weekend Drive-By news coverage.  Now, the woman that died at Gatwick airport in London is said to have died of natural causes, not Ebola.  The test supposedly came back negative.  She was 72.  She was coming back from Sierra Leone, and the original report was that she had died from Ebola, and now, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.  She was coming from Sierra Leone, but she died of natural causes.  She didn't have Ebola." 

So they're trying to calm concerns about all this.  But people in the media, the Drive-Bys, whatever, making fun of this, making fun of the concern about it, and it's Obama, it's the Regime that made the decision to bring these two patients back.  We've never had an Ebola patient within our borders.  This is not even to talk about what may be crossing into the country from the wide open Southern border.  That's a whole different discussion.  But it isn't good.  



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