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Morning Update: Showbiz

The University of Southern California’s Annenberg School studied the 100 top-grossing films of 2013, and found that Hollywood failed to reflect “what America looks like in real life.” Hispanics were hardest hit. 

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Why Didn't Obama Push Through Amnesty When He Controlled Congress? Because He Wants Republicans to be Blamed for It

RUSH:  Those of you who were here yesterday will recall that it was I, El Rushbo, who pointed out that President Obama had control of both houses of Congress for two years and did not move on an immigration bill...  It's not something anybody's gonna get credit for.  It's something anybody and everybody's gonna get blamed for, and Obama didn't want the blame.  They are trying to trick and intimidate the Republicans into signing off on this.

Tobacco Serum Saved Two White American Ebola Victims

RUSH: You know that magical serum that was given to two white Americans suffering from Ebola?  You know what the magic ingredient is?  Nicotine.  Tobacco is the magical ingredient in the serum... Yesterday on this program, I -- your sensitive, ever-in-touch host -- posited that it wouldn't be long before we would hear people in the media saying, "Wait. Wait just a second.  You have people dropping like flies with this disease in Africa, and you only took enough of this stuff for two white Americans, and you didn't give any to the native Africans who are dying in record numbers with this disease?  What's with that?  How in the world can you only give this to Americans? White Americans to boot! Why didn't you take enough for everybody?"  Well, it didn't take five hours....

Everything is Political!

RUSH: Politics is part of everything happening in America today. From the culture, to actual government-style politics, everything's political.  However, the low-information crowd and young people, they run around saying, "I hate politics! I don't like it. Nobody out there tells the truth. All anybody does is argue; they never solve anything." They have no idea how everything they are bombarded with out there is political. 

Why the Regime Did Obamacare First

RUSH:  Every leader who has desired total control over his population, national health care has been the first thing or one of the top three things that a leader tries to get.  Because once you get that, you have the ability to blackmail people and have them live any way you want them to live, eat what you want them to eat, drink what you want them to eat and not eat and not drink what you don't want. Where they live, anything, you control because you're holding their health care over their head. 

Slavery Fuels Liberal Hatred of the Constitution

RUSH: Why do they oppose the Constitution?  What is it about the Constitution they hate aside from that?  That is the biggie, the fact that it expressly limits government.  But it's deeper than that.  For people like Obama and Eric Holder, I believe -- and there will never be any way to prove this because they would never admit this -- but I believe that there is a genuine, long held, deeply felt contempt for the Constitution.  And it's all about slavery. 


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