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MSNBC'S Jansing: Obama Comes from Kenya... Biden Calls Africa a "Nation"... Il Papa: The Internet is a Waste of  God-Given Time... CNN Thinks They Have a Scoop: Hamas Makes Bombs in Their Own Neighborhood!... Russian Gang Puts NSA to Shame... 

Mass Hysteria -- Or No Reason to Panic?

RUSH: It is stunning to watch and record every day how low-information seems to be spreading... If you're the left, if you're the authors of the daily soap opera to keep people on edge, to keep people frightened, to keep people demanding government do something, you take the fear of the day, and, in this case, you blame it on climate change, so you get a twofer.  You take the fear of the day, you blame it on another issue that you want people to believe.  And so, Washington Post headline:  "Will Climate Change Worsen Ebola Outbreaks?" 

Limbaugh Theorem! NBC Ignores Obama's All-Time Approval Low in Their Own Poll

RUSH: Barack Obama hits a record low in their poll, 40%. And F. Chuck Todd and NBC News report that people are just mad at "Washington" and they're mad at Republicans, and they're mad at Republicans for talking about impeaching Obama. Back when Wolf Blitzer was breathlessly orgasming over the low approval number of George W. Bush, did they ever talk about how the Democrats were trying to impeach George W. Bush?  No!  Even though they did.  They actually did!  Kucinich presented the articles of impeachment. 

A Note to My Brother Expresses the Futility Millions Feel as They Watch Their Constitution Shredded

RUSH: My brother, David, had a recent column on something and a woman read the column and responded to it, and she poses some questions that I think demonstrate the utter futility that people feel..."Dear Mr. Limbaugh."  It's to my brother.  "Your essays are always a joy to read --" almost as fun as listening to your brother's radio show.  She didn't really say that.  I just threw that in 'cause I know she meant it.

We've Come a Long Way from Farding

RUSH: That was the joke.  That I was uttering the word "fard."  The point here is how things have changed. Now, if I were to say f-a-r-t-i-n-g it would not be a big deal.  No program director would want to cancel me. Nobody would raise an eyebrow.  Now, it's been 26 years, obviously, and things change over 26 years, but I've got a story here that in no way would I have touched 26 years ago.

The Feminazis vs. the Transgenders

RUSH: Folks, I've told you from the get-go: "This program knows no boundaries." We cover all religions. We do all three or four sexes, all politicals. We cover it all.  We hit everything here.  You never know what's gonna happen, and where else are you gonna get that? Where else are you gonna get a serious, intellectual examination of the massive war going on between radical feminazis and transgenders? 


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