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Pearls of Wisdom

"You know, being surrounded by fools is one of the most irritating things for me. Having my intelligence insulted, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard."

"A woman becoming a man is a sellout to the radical feminazis. That's one less vagina out there for every time it happens."

"Back when Wolf Blitzer was breathlessly orgasming over the low approval number of George W. Bush, did the media ever talk about how the Democrats were trying to impeach George W. Bush? No! Even though they did. They actually did! Kucinich presented the articles of impeachment. Sheila Jackson Lee forgot she signed on to 'em."

"This is asinine, that impeachment doomed the Republican Party after Clinton. It's as silly as this stupid notion that the only way the Republicans can ever win the White House now and ever again is to support amnesty? It's silly."

"We have a Republican Party afraid to stand up for itself and do the right thing because they think the American people are gonna hold it against them."

"I can't tell you the number of people my age who have grandkids who think their grandkids aren't even gonna have a ghost of a chance to accomplish what they, their grandparents, did. Some people are more worried about their grandkids' future than their kids' future, but still there's concern for both."

"It really is amazing to watch how our country is just being taken over. I don't know if it's just rampant ignorance or abject stupidity, maybe combination of the two, but it is stunning to watch and record every day how low-information seems to be spreading."

"There's no reason to panic yet. I've always told you I'll let you know when it's time to panic, and it isn't yet. Some of you might think it is. Some of you might think we're getting close. I'll let you know."

"F. Chuck Todd takes a 54% disapproval rating for Obama and translates that into people hate 'Washington,' and are frustrated with Republicans and the recession, never once mentioning Obama! This is how the Limbaugh Theorem is using each and every day, not only by Obama, but by the Drive-Bys in order to insulate and protect him."

"'Mr. Limbaugh, you must understand: Weather is not climate.' Oh, really? Then how come every time there's a heat wave in January, you guys start talking about climate change? Is that not weather?"

"Public opinion doesn't matter in this case with Obama's lawlessness. It seems to always have mattered in the past. It seems public opinion always used to shape events. It doesn't seem to, anymore."

"If amnesty was such a great thing, if it guaranteed winning the White House forever, why didn't Obama do it when he controlled both houses of Congress in his first two years? If it's the only thing the Republicans now can do to win the White House, then why didn't Obama do it when he could and eliminate the Republicans forever?"


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