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MSNBC'S Jansing: Obama Comes from Kenya

RUSH:  Did you hear what Chris Jansing did? Chris Jansing finally, after all of these years, finally made it to the big network.  Chris Jansing, you may know the name.  She worked at MSNBC for the longest time.  Female journalistas who were hired at MSNBC, one of the ways they were recruited, I'm told -- I obviously am hearing this from sources very close, that all of the women hired there are dangled the carrot of the Today Show.  "Yeah, come to MSNBC, and you could end up being the next Jane Pauley. You could end up being the next White House correspondent."  And they do that to all of them. 

Chris Jansing got hired and then a bunch of other women, Savannah Guthrie, and they all raced past her, but Chris Jansing finally made it. She finally made the bump from MSNBC. She's now the White House correspondent at NBC News, and in talking about the White House hopes for Africa becoming part of Obama's legacy, Chris Jansing said, "Yeah, and the fact that he's from Kenya and the fact that when he was elected there were expectations from the African continent that he would do great things for them."  He's from Kenya?  So they had to do a quick 180 on that, and she had to pull back and offer a correction, and she clarified that she had misspoken. 

She meant to say that Obama's father was from Kenya.  So what she meant to say was, "Yeah, and Obama's father is from Kenya, and that fact, when he was elected, there were expectations from the African continent."  So Africa had expectations Obama was gonna do things for them because his dad was from Kenya.  That's what she said that she meant to say.  

Biden Calls Africa a "Nation"

RUSH: Then Biden, you know, there's this meeting of African leaders going on in Washington.  Biden went to speak to 'em.  He repeatedly said how much we were gonna do for the nation of Africa. 

The guests kind of nudge each other and look at each other and raise their eyebrows.  Does this guy not know that Africa is a continent?  Does he not know there isn't a nation called Africa?  "Come on, Rush, he just misspoke."  I know.  It's funny.  He always misspeaks.  He's a walking gaffe machine.  

Il Papa: The Internet is a Waste of  God-Given Time

RUSH: We've got this member, US civil rights commissioner, a former senior advisor to Nancy Pelosi, Michael Yaki, says college students are not developed enough for free speech.  We need speech codes.  We need speech codes on sexual harassment and speech codes on speech, because it's just these kids, they're not old enough to know.  Clearly they're old enough to vote Democrat.  That's fine, absolutely cool that they can vote.  But we cannot grant them full access to the First Amendment, 'cause their brains are just not developed. 

They don't know what they're saying half the time.  They don't know what they're doing. They don't know when they're hurting people's feelings. They don't know when they're violating political correctness. They don't know when they're being mean, and until they're in their late twenties and thirties like we are now, they really shouldn't have, on campus, access, full access to the First Amendment.  And the guy says that the civil rights commission should be the one to enforce and set the boundaries.  And I'll just tell you, if a Republican president or Republican anywhere had said that, Facebook, Twitter, the social media would be on fire right now. 

But that's not all, because Il Papa has weighed in.  Pope Francis tells young people that chatting on the Internet or with smartphones and watching TV soap operas is futile and a huge waste of time.  "Pope Francis urged 50,000 German altar servers not to waste time on the Internet, smartphones and television, but to spend their time on more productive activities."

Okay, if the pope is gonna say this, fine, he can say it, and some of you parents might agree with it.  Could we get an explanation or definition of "productive activities"?  Because I, frankly, am very productive on the Internet and my smartphone.  It is, frankly, how I do this program every day.  So I think we need some explanations or definitions. 

The pope said in a short speech to the altar servers, "Maybe many young people waste too many hours on futile things.  Our life is made up of time, and time is a gift from God, so it is important that it be used in good and fruitful actions." Activities that were cited by Francis as futile were: "chatting on the Internet or with smartphones, watching TV soap operas, and (using) the products of technological progress, which should simplify and improve the quality of life, but distract attention away from what is really important."

The pope then said the Internet is a "gift from God," but he "cautioned that high-speed world of digital social media needed calm, reflection and tenderness if it was to be 'a network not of wires but of people.'" Digital social media needs calm reflection and tenderness if it's to be a network not of wires, but of people.  Now, some might think that that's good advice not just for the young ditzes out there, but for everybody. 

But here you've got the civil rights commission guy saying (imitating Yaki), "You kids, you know what, you're such a bunch of doddering fools.  You don't have the ability to be trusted with the responsibility of free speech while you're on campus. So we are gonna police that."  Then here comes the pope saying, "You ought not be there anyway.  You're wasting your time on social media.  You're not being productive. You're not being useful, and you're wasting your God-given whatevers."  Anyway, how many parents are raising their hand going, "Yeah, yeah, you tell 'em!"

CNN Thinks They Have a Scoop: Hamas Makes Bombs in Their Own Neighborhood!

RUSH: CNN.  Please don't turn to watch it.  You don't need to.  I'm gonna tell you what happened.  CNN thinks they've got a scoop.  They just got a video showing Hamas making a bomb in one of their own neighborhoods.  (interruption) 

Yeah, really.  I'm not kidding! (interruption)  I'm not. It's... (interruption)  Well, I think they're probably figuring the Israelis are gonna find out.  (interruption)  Well, I don't know if they'll apologize for showing it. When Hamas bitches, they might.  But honest to God, they think they're on to something that nobody knew here, and it just goes to show the really narrow and closed world these people live in.  You know, they believe all of the conventional wisdom or the propaganda, whatever it is, that Israel is the only bad guy -- and why? 

Because Israel's the majority! Israel's powerful. Israel's free.  So they gotta be the bad guy.  Hamas? They're the poor, little people living in the Gaza Strip. They're poverty stricken and disease ravaged, and they're just poor little victims, and here comes mean, big, bad Israel just shellacking 'em and killing them.  And then they hear all this talk. They hear, "Wait, don't you know that Hamas is stocking schools with rockets and missiles and launching them from hospitals?"

They hear you say that, and they just reject it.  "No, no, no! It's not possible.  Hamas, they couldn't be doing that.  They don't have the ability." But then they get a video that shows it, and it's breaking news or what have you, as though they're on to something that nobody knew, when in fact everybody with half a brain has known it for years.  To me, it's just another illustration of the utter hopelessness of the media to ever not just play fair, just to get anything right, is a long-lost objective now.  

Russian Gang Puts NSA to Shame

RUSH:  You know, I gotta say, this Russian crime gang, one and a half billion passwords and connected e-mails, that's impressive even by NSA standards.  That is huge, folks, 420,000 websites.  If we were talking about dollars, nobody would think it's any big deal, government dollars, but you put it in the context of one and a half billion passwords. How many people on the planet are there who have Internet?  What's the percentage of the population on earth that does not have Internet?  I saw that the other day, I just don't recall it.  This is huge.  The NSA is probably trying to get hold of these guys and ask if they can buy the database. It would save 'em a lot of time.  


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