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The Limbaugh Theorem is Alive and Well


RUSH: El Segundo, California, Richard I'm glad you waited, and welcome to the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello, Rush.  I can barely hear you.  Mr. Snerdley told me that I'd get better reception, but if you can hear me, fine.

RUSH:  I hear you just perfectly.

CALLER:  Excellent.  Excellent.  Speaking of hearing, first things first.  How's the ear implant situation?

RUSH:  It's actually improved my hearing in a lot of circumstances.  It was well worth doing.  Thank you.

CALLER:  Excellent.  Excellent.  Pleasure to talk to you again.  My point is this.  This 40% popularity figure is bump pressed by the major media.  It carries no legs at all, in my mind.  If you throw out the people who are in some way, shape, or form dependent on government, it should be down at zero.  Among the independent thinking, self-sufficient people in this country, his popularity has dissipated to virtually nothing.

RUSH:  Well, but popularity and job approval are two different things.

CALLER:  Well, I used the wrong term.

RUSH:  Okay.  So you're talking about job approval?

CALLER:  I'm talking job approval, yes, sir.

RUSH:  Yeah, but all we have to go on are the polls.  I mean, it'd be fun to sit here and say we know they're making it up.  Now, I'm like you, I happen to think it's much lower than 40.

CALLER:  Well, amongst the people that count.  I'm not counting Rio Linda and a good part of El Segundo here.

RUSH:  Well, you have to.

CALLER:  I'm counting the people out there in the system who are self-sufficient, working, trying to get ahead.  The approval rating's got to be close to zero amongst those folks.

RUSH:  True, but you can't leave out.  I mean, almost half the country -- do you know how much was spent on transfer payments just last year?

CALLER:  Are you talking about all of welfare programs?

RUSH:  Everything.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Over a trillion dollars.

RUSH:  Two trillion.  It was over two trillion that we are transferring from producers to nonproducers, $2 trillion. 

CALLER:  Our budget is only about three and a half trillion.

RUSH:  Right.  That's exactly right.  My point is you can't leave them out of a public opinion poll.  They're gonna be surveyed, and I think he's lower than 40, but I don't know by how much.

CALLER:  I don't advocate leaving them out.  All I'm saying is to explain away this 40%, you've gotta consider the fact that, as you've said many times, it's tough to vote against Santa Claus.

RUSH:  Yeah. 

CALLER:  Those are Santa Claus people.  They are not gonna vote against this guy as long as the goodies --

RUSH:  I know, and there's the Wilder Effect.  People still are not gonna say anything negative about a black president to a pollster.


RUSH:  Given our last caller from El Segundo, California, and his point was well taken, that the only reason Obama's at 40 is because of all the people depending on government.  And you have to factor some of that in.  I don't dispute that.  But I'm here to tell you, even if Obama's approval number hit 30, they're not going to report it.  Ah, they'll report it.  They won't dwell on it.  They'll still shift that to anger at Washington.  It's part of the Limbaugh Theorem, folks. 

Remember the Limbaugh Theorem.  I hate to keep mentioning my name with this, but I'm the one that deciphered this.  The way Obama got reelected in 2012 is that nobody held him accountable for anything he'd done.  The economy wasn't his fault, it was still Bush's.  The unemployment rate wasn't his fault, nothing, Benghazi, wasn't his fault.  Because he's perfected the art of appearing as not governing.  Even though he's been president for six years, he still has been able to position himself as somebody as a victim of all this, and he's fighting real hard to fix it. 

He's been working on it since the campaign. He's working very hard, but there's all these powerful forces aligned against him, Republicans in Congress, and all they're doing is hatin' and they won't help, and nobody's working with him, and they can't get anything done.  This is how it's done.  Here, grab audio sound bite number 19.  Obama today was in Virginia at Fort Belvoir and he was signing a VA bill, acting like he's had nothing to do with what's wrong at the VA.

OBAMA:  Over the last few months we've discovered some inexcusable misconduct at some VA health care facilities. Stories of our veterans denied the care they needed, long wait times being covered up, cooking the books.  This is wrong.  It's outrageous.  And working together we set out to fix it and do right by our veterans across the board no matter how long it took.

RUSH:  It happened in his administration.  It's been going on for six years, and here he is signing a new VA bill, talking about these stories of our veterans denied the care they needed, long wait times being covered up, cooking the books.  The books were cooked because of him.  The people cooking the books did so to protect themselves from punitive policies in place if they didn't meet quotas and so forth. 

But even disregarding the details, he's been president six years.  The VA scandal happened during his administration. (imitating Obama) "We've discovered some of these things out there, and veterans denied care, cooking the books.  It's all wrong, it was outrageous, and I didn't know it was going on. And now that I found out it's going on, we're gonna fix it."  Limbaugh Theorem.  It's exactly how all of this happens.  


RUSH: Here's Tony in Allentown, we head back to the phones.  Hi, Tony, great to have you here.

CALLER:- Hi how are you?

RUSH:  Great.  Thank you.

CALLER:  I have a concept that I wanted to present to you.  It comes from a conflict management class that I went to years ago. And it dovetails very nicely with the Limbaugh Theorem.

RUSH:  Okay, cool.

CALLER:  The visual is a triangle, and at each of the points of the trial is one of the positions that you can take in any type of conflict.  You are either the victim, you are the villain, or you are the hero.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  So it's a very simple visual concept, and Obama manages through conflicts as we know, and he is absolutely master at being either the hero or the victim.

RUSH:  Correct.

CALLER:  Never assuming the villain role.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  I just thought it was a nice visual for your Limbaugh Theorem.

RUSH:  Oh, oh, I thought you had more to go with that.  No, that's fine, I'll finish up.  You -- (laughing) -- I like it.  You've got hero, villain, victim.  This dovetails with the Limbaugh Theorem.  And Obama's always the hero, or always the victim, but he's never the villain.  And if it does help people to understand the concept. I'm all for that. The Limbaugh Theorem is something that definitely needs to be widely distributed, widely understood, 'cause I can't even today the number of people I run into who say, "How does he get away with it? Six years in and the economy's in the tank and how does he not get..."  Actually, I think he is now, with numbers down in the forties and so forth.  Anyway, Tony, I appreciate the call. 



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