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African Leaders: We Want Ebola Serum

RUSH: Yesterday, if you were here, you remember me really tearing into Obama. Well, I think one of the most outrageous, unconscionable things I've had heard him say, he was asked by a reporterette why we haven't shared this magical anti-Ebola serum with the three countries in Africa where it's really spreading.  And as is typical, Obama created a straw man, and he said (paraphrasing), "Even those countries, they'd be the first to tell you they don't want that serum. They're not ready for it. Only in advanced cultures are we capable." 

The whole point of that was he didn't have the guts to stand up there and say, "No, we're not giving to 'em," because we don't have enough or whatever.  He had to lay it off on them.  He said, "No, no, they would be the first --" so he put words in their mouth.  He didn't even ask them.  "I'm sure they would be the first to agree they don't even want this."  Well, it turns out they do.  That's the news.  A bunch of these leaders who yesterday Obama assured us, "Oh, no, they would be the first to tell us they don't even want it."  They do.  They want it.  Which we knew yesterday.  


RUSH: Now Ebola, the Ebola outbreak.  A couple things here I just want to touch on based on what was discussed near the end of yesterday's program.  Remember yesterday Obama had this press conference, and he was asked -- and I knew this was gonna happen. We had these two Americans come home; we give them serum developed here from the tobacco plant.  Love that.  Tobacco plant.  And it works magic on people with Ebola. 

And so the press predictably say, "What, why just just a couple of white Americans?  Why didn't the people in Africa get?  Obama actually said, "Well, as the people in Africa will no doubt agree, they'd be the first to say that they're just not qualified."  Well, guess what?  The African leaders are begging for the stuff --  as I knew yesterday would be the case.  They are actively asking for this serum, and this piece, "Ebola Outbreak; Should Africans Receive an Experimental US Drug?"  Christian Science Monitor.  This piece is of primary interest to me because there's this line in it that contradicts what Obama claimed the other day.  "While doctors are hesitant to attribute their progress to the drug, health officials in Africa are eager to get their hands on even a little potential treatment."  But wait.  It was just yesterday, just yesterday that President Obama said, "As I'm sure African leaders would agree, they are not nearly ready yet for this."  So today they're speaking up, and they want it.  

Ebola Spread to US Inevitable?

RUSH: From the French News Agency.  "Ebola's Spread to US is Inevitable," says the Centers for Disease Control head honcho.  Now, wait a minute.  All week we have been hearing from everybody, from the news media, from CNN, from everybody, "You people worried about Ebola; you need to give it up; it's hard to get; you don't have a thing to worry about, even though it's in this country for the first time ever, no sweat --  it isn't gonna happen."  Now, I'm not trying to monger fear here.  Please understand. 

This article we're told, by the French News Agency, anyone who touches an Ebola corpse is another infection.  Now, how is that possible when supposedly the only way that Ebola can be contracted or transmitted is through bodily fluids?  But I keep forgetting, we're not supposed to worry about this. We've been told everything's okay. We've been told that there's nothing to worry about here, that Ebola is hard to catch.  And yet here's the CDC guy: "Ebola's spread to the United States is inevitable, due to the nature of global airline travel, but any outbreak is not likely to be large."  And then this the last line in this story.  Ken Isaacs, Vice President of Program and Government Relations for the Christian aid group Samaritan's Purse warned that, "The world is woefully ill-equipped to handle the spread of Ebola.  In the hours after death with Ebola, that's when the body is most infectious because the body is loaded with the virus." 

Everybody that touches the corpse is another infection.  Not that we all are gonna be coming in contact with corpses, but this goes against everything we've been hearing all week, that you need to touch an open wound, or some other kind of bodily fluid.  I don't think most of you gonna be hanging around corpses, Ebola or otherwise.  But it sure sounds like Ebola can be contracted without an exchange of bodily fluids, if you can get the disease from a corpse.  But I'm sorry, folks.  I keep forgetting, we shouldn't worry.  We need to focus on climate change, that's the real problem, that and the offensive name at Ole Miss, that's gotta go.  

New Ebola Cases in Nigeria

RUSH:  Finally four new Ebola cases in Nigeria all related to an American who brought the virus there.  His name is Patrick Sawyer, who is one of the deceased Americans with this disease.  So not trying to fear-monger, not at all, seriously.  

JournoList 2.0.

RUSH: We had a story, I didn't get to it yesterday -- did I put it in the Stack yesterday?  Let me see.  If I didn't, I'll recall it off the top of my head.  Doyou remember the JournoList that Ezra Klein the Washington Post started?  A secret society of left-wing journalists.  I don't know what the number was.  It was in the hundreds.  They had a special website, private website e-mail addresses and so forth, and they communicated on a daily basis. And what they essentially did was strategize and plan the daily soap opera.  They shared with each other liberal ideas, liberal opinions, liberal strategy, how to promote the Democrats, how to undermine the Republicans, that's exactly what the JournoList was. 

Well, it went away.  After it was discovered it was disbanded, and the people that were involved in it kind of downplayed and said, "No, there's nothing to see here. Just a bunch of friends getting together and chatting like you do with your buddies."  Well, now, it's back, and there are a thousand journalists in this one, and it is every bit as intense as the JournoList was. 

Now, it turns out I did not print that out again today, so it must be in the yesterday Stack over there that I always save, items I didn't get to yesterday or any day that I intend to get to the next day.  It's not here.  I'll find it, but I'm basically giving you the upshot of it.  It's being called JournoList 2.0.  "1,000-Member Secretive Progressive Journalist Group Uncovered -- A prominent CNN commentator, the top two political reporters for The Huffington Post, a Reuters reporter, the editor of The Nation magazine, a producer for Al Jazeera America television, a US News & World Report columnist, and approximately two dozen Huffington Post contributors are among the more than 1,000 members of Gamechanger Salon," is what it's called.

"Founded by leftwing activist Billy Wimsatt, the group is a secretive digital gathering of writers, opinion leaders, activists and political hands who share information, ideas and strategy via a closed Google group. The group’s existence was discovered by Media Trackers through an open records request filed with a University of Wisconsin professor who happened to be a member of the network."

They were not happy when JournoList was uncovered.  They deny doing what they do all the time.  JournoList was discovered and it was learned that they're conspiring every day to write the news.  They're conspiring every day to assist Obama, to hurt Romney, whatever it was. They were conspiring off hours, on hours, day in and day out.  It was discovered.  They said, "Nothing to see here" and they disband.  They're back.  And it's called Gamechanger Salon. 

It shouldn't come as a surprise.  I've long said and thought that things like that aren't even necessary.  They don't need to talk to each other to know what they think, 'cause liberalism is very easily defined and explained.  And being a liberal is very easy.  I mean, I could do it -- hell, if I want to start being a liberal right now, I could.  I could probably convince them that I had had an honest change of heart.  I would never convince you; you would never believe it, but I'll bet you I could make some of them think I'd really seen the light.  That's how well I knew who they are, what they do, what they think, how they go about it, and all that. 

But the point is, they aren't what they say, they never have been what they say, and there is no independent arbiter in our system of conflict any longer.  They've chosen sides.

Ole Miss Nickname Under Fire for Slavery Connection

RUSH: Get this.  Folks, you're not gonna believe this, except that you will.  It's not just the Redskins now.  There are people livid at the nickname of the University of Mississippi, Ole Miss.  We have got to get rid of it.  (interruption) Well, you ought to be tell us.  Now, hang on a minute, hang on a minute.  The story makes it clear that Ole Miss is a profound insult to anybody with slave ancestry. 

Now, you have 100% certified slave blood.  It's why you're qualified to be an Obama criticizer here, okay?  Therefore you ought to know what it is about Ole Miss that makes it intolerable now and such that we have got to get rid of it.  And you don't know?  Well, Ole Miss, "the university’s historical nickname, which can be traced back to slaves using the term to refer to planters’ wives and daughters, according to the Associated Press.

"The University of Mississippi -- affectionately called Ole Miss -- is considering finding 'appropriate' ways to use its nickname due to concerns over racism and the university’s history. According to a report sent to students by Chancellor Dan Jones, they will be changing several aspects on campus to promote diversity, one of which is finding more appropriate ways to use the university’s well-known nickname.

"The report said that some faculty are 'especially' uncomfortable with the university’s historical nickname, which can be traced back to slaves using the term to refer to planters’ wives and daughters. ... 'If I could do one thing, the place would never be called Ole Miss again,' Charles Eagles, a history professor at the university, told the New York Times in February after a statue of the school’s first African-American student was vandalized."
 So Ole Miss is a term that was used by slaves to refer to the wives and daughters of the plantation owners.  Ole miss, ole miss.  You see, they were required to address the matriarch of the plantation as Ole Miss, and the daughters with Ole Miss.  And since it was required that the slaves refer to them that way, you don't dare -- I mean, it's an insult, you don't dare. Black people are offended all over this country because of this, we're now learning today.  So you see, it's not just the Redskins. 

And you see, folks, all of this is political.  This has nothing to do with people offended or anything.  It is all political.  (interruption)  Well, they may be struggling economically in Mississippi, but this has nothing to do with that.  This is the left on the march.  This is the left attempting to say that everything institutionally, traditionally in this country is racist in its roots and has to be uprooted and done away with.  That's what this is.  (interruption)  Of course they're seriously insane, but remember, now, the chancellor at the university sent this to the students.  This is not the students demanding something.  This is administration down. 

Now, where do you think this started?  We have this professor, Charles Eagles, history professor at Ole Miss, who told the New York Times back in February, "If I could do one thing, the place would never be called Ole Miss again."  So some professor may be the origin of this.  Now, if this goes to a place to pattern, you're gonna see a slow consciousness on the part of the students, "We didn't know.  Oh, my God, we've got to change it. We didn't know it was so offensive to black Americans.  Oh, my God, Ole Miss is what the slaves had to call the plantation...  Oh, my God.  I've never gonna use it again and we should never use it."  If it happens like everything else has happened, that's how it'll happen. 

I guess start slow, students will be outraged and embarrassed that this happened, they didn't know, and they can't in good conscience continue to refer to this.  One of the things that they're gonna do, the first elimination is to get rid of it in the e-mail domain.  The e-mail domain, official e-mail domain is olemiss.edu, and they want to change that to umiss, University of Mississippi instead of Ole Miss.  (interruption) What did the slaves call stupid people? I can tell you that, but that's not for me to answer.  But I'm just telling you, folks, I love stories like this, this is cutting edge, societal evolution stuff. 

Remember how you thought I was nut cakes when I told you they were gonna go after your SUV back in 1997.  Now we got this onslaught against the Redskins, and now this, now Ole Miss.  It's just the never-ending assault on the traditions and institutions in this country, especially those that can be tied to slavery and racism, and it's all part of the effort to chip away at the greatness of this country by people who hate it.  That's what's driving this. 

And I just want to remind all of you rose-colored glass types.  This wasn't supposed to happen, was it?  Barack Obama was gonna heal all of this.  That's right, the election of B. Hussein O. was gonna end all of this kind of strife, and we were not gonna care about any of this, and we were all gonna start getting along and it would be the end of partisanship and racism, and it was gonna be wonderful.  And now look.  Now we gotta get rid of the name Ole Miss.  


RUSH:  You know the mascot, football, basketball teams at Ole Miss, the mascot's the Rebels.  Uniforms are grey and red.  That's not gonna last, either, now that they're on the name Ole Miss, they're gonna have to get rid of the name Rebels.  They may have to change the name to Redskins.  University of Mississippi Redskins.  Just kidding.  Just kidding.  I'm just trying to irritate people.  I seem actually be able to do that without trying, a special talent.  

GM Announces Volt Reboot

RUSH: General Motors says that there's a new Volt coming, but it's not gonna be a mass-market vehicle anymore.  You remember the Volt?  The electric car.  (interruption)  No.  I think they sold three.  Not five.  But, any rate, they are changing their entire marketing.  They're gonna show the next generation Volt at the Detroit Auto Show in January, and the marketing officer, Tim Mahoney, said that GM considers the Volt will not be a mass-market car anymore. 

You know what that means?  (interruption)  No.  It means that they can't make it cheap enough to be mass-market.  It means it's gonna cost a lot of money and that only dumb liberals will be able to afford it.  So what this means is that they've got to find a niche audience of really, really dumb liberals to buy this thing, because the majority of Americans are not interested in it yet.  That's what that means.  

ESPN Suspends Another Host

RUSH: You know, I am such a trend-setter. I am so ahead of the curve on so much, it seems like things happen in the media and I've been there, done that, from writing books, to being suspended, to whatever, I am the trailblazer.  And, as you know, pioneers take the arrows.  I have a story here of yet another ESPN employee who's been suspended.  This one is Dan Le Batard, not to be confused with Don Leotard.  This is Dan Le Batard. He works out of Miami.  He was a writer for the Miami Herald, and like all writers, he figured there's much more money in broadcast than print. 

So he ended up doing some work on ESPN on the network, and then they gave him a radio show.  So he's got this radio show in Miami on ESPN.  He just got suspended for two days, yesterday and today.  ESPN released a statement: "Dan Le Batard will be off the air for two days, returning Monday.  His recent stunt does not reflect ESPN’s standards and brand. Additionally, we were not made aware of his plans in advance."

What did he do?  He put up a billboard.  Apparently he bought, I think it was a billboard, might have been two billboards, I'm not sure which, but he put up a billboard making fun of LeBron James for leaving Miami.  And ESPN said, "We can't have that.  He's suspended."  Can't offend LeBron.  LeBron James is far more important to ESPN than any host.  And the billboard, it's a white billboard, at the top it says, "You're welcome, LeBron."  The next line is in red. It's a red stripe with white graphics, "Love," comma, "Miami," and the pictures of the two NBA championship rings.  And that's it. 

I do not know what's offensive about this.  "You're welcome, LeBron.  Love, Miami."  I guess the offense is, okay, LeBron, he came here, he got his championships and then he said (raspberry) Miami, and he's going back to Cleveland.  And so they're offended in Miami that he would leave. So Le Batard puts up this billboard that supposedly is insulting and mocks LeBron James.  I don't see how it's insulting or mocking at all.  "Hey, thanks for nothing, LeBron."  That's what the point is.  So what?  LeBron James is not harmed by this.  Anyway, this trend of being suspended by ESPN, I started that.  That's my point.  I'm the one who makes all these suspensions possible there.


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