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Morning Update: Water School

Margaret Hughes, California resident, opened a recent water bill, $210. The fine: almost $800. Unknown to her, the vacant house that she inherited in Santa Cruz had a leaky toilet. So Ms. Hughes had to drive the four hours to attend a water re-education school set up by the city.

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California Debates "Yes Means Yes" Sex-Assault Law... Brazilian Employers Require Women to Have Virginity Tests Before Hiring Them... ESPN Suspends a Third Host... University of Minnesota Wants to Ban Word "Redskins" at Redskins Game... Cillizza: GOP's White Vote Not Dead Yet... Larry Ellison Sues Oregon Over Obamacare... 

The Smart People Took Over... And Now Where are We?

RUSH: Now the world is on fire and the truly incompetent, totally clueless, egghead, stupid theoreticians from the faculty lounge are finally in charge -- and, voila! Look where we are.  Barack Hussein Obama -- B. Hussein O. -- just said that the bombing of Iraq "is more and more looking like a long-term project."  B. Hussein O., who was elected to see to it that this never happened again because this was never worth it in the first place, because this only happened because of incompetent, stupid idiots like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and George W. Bush...  If we only elected "the smart people," why, peace would break out! 

The New York Times Says Fear of Another Benghazi Drove Iraq Airstrikes

RUSH: Can you imagine your typical New York Times reader, "Benghazi, what's Benghazi?"  They're in Zabar's on Upper West Side, they got the New York Times, they read: "Fear of 'Another Benghazi' Drove White House to Airstrikes in Iraq." And all these libs in New York, "Benghazi, where is that?  What is that?"  They don't know about Benghazi. The New York Times never reported about Benghazi except as a phony Republican scandal.  So a typical New York Times liberal reader in Manhattan says, "Wait a minute, fear of another Benghazi scandal --" and they're probably in Zabar's cursing Republicans for this today. 

David Gregory Will Fail Upward

RUSH: It's in The Politico, that F. Chuck is gonna get the gig at the end of the year and that Gregory is out and that he's not gonna stay at NBC. He's gonna have to go somewhere else.  He'll get hired.  Failures in the news media, that's one of the biggest launching pads you can have to climb the ladder of success.  Liberal media failure guarantees you a prominent new job, 'cause they can't afford shame or discredit to be showered upon the industry.  


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