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"Barack Hussein Obama -- B. Hussein O. -- just said that the bombing of Iraq 'is more and more looking like a long-term project.'  B. Hussein O., who was elected to see to it that this never happened again because this was never worth it in the first place, because this only happened because of incompetent, stupid idiots like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and George W. Bush."

"We've got middle-class wages plummeting in the last seven years.  More kids living at home and more kids with more student debt than ever before.  We've got the health care system that's been taken over by the government, and it's an absolute mess.  None of this needed to happen."    

"The left wing, the American media, was totally absorbed with Iraq.  Iraq was in every way representative of the worst of the United States of America and we've got to get ourselves out."

"One of the first things Obama ever said as president was how he was going to get us out.  It was as though they had succeeded, in their own minds, of convincing everybody in this country that the absolute worst thing this country has ever done outside of slavery was Iraq." 

"It is worse now than before we went into Iraq.  This bunch, ISIS and what they're doing and the free rein they think they've got to operate, it's worse."  

"The American people were talked into believing that Iraq was one of the biggest mistakes this country's ever made, bigger than Vietnam, all because that was in the best interests of the Democrat Party."

"There's too much power to be had with an ongoing, never-solved original sin kind of grievance."

"Liberal media failure guarantees you a prominent new job, 'cause they can't afford shame or discredit to be showered upon the industry."

"Hillary's out saying Obama's a failure. All kinds of people are now proclaiming Obama a failure.  When I said 'I hope he fails,' of course, all hell broke loose."  

"I was maybe the only person in major American media who warned everybody that Assad was not the bad guy in those uprisings."

"The former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, is out there saying that Obama's failure to aid Syrian rebels led to ISIS.  Now, she's doing two things.  She's distancing herself from Obama, but at the same time she's trying to head off criticism of her own recommendations because she didn't speak up for these rebels at the time."  

"I was watching MSNBC this morning by accident.  I assure you, by accident."

"Here's Obama bombing.  Oh, yeah, indiscriminate bombing attacks on ISIS.  Isn't that going to recruit more terrorists, I could ask?  Isn't that gonna just make the terrorists angrier?"

"How many months have we had to listen to the Drive-By Media characterize Benghazi as a phony Tea Party scandal, folks?"

"The New York Times hates using force to maintain peace or stability in the Middle East.  They love Obama."

"David Gregory, maybe for the first time in his life as a journalist, criticized Obama on a day he no doubt heard the rumors that he's out and F. Chuck is in. So he decided to give the heartland some of what they want to hear: blame Obama."

"It's clear to me that Hillary Clinton obviously thinks that foreign policy is still gonna be her strong pantsuit as she heads into the campaign.  She really does."

"I automatically reject everything I hear coming out of the news media in Washington when the Democrats are in power because, by and large, when it comes to foreign policy, every story is made to cover up for their inadequacies, their incompetence, and the fact that they're wrong about everything."

"All of these lies about Iraq helped create an election climate where this guy gets elected twice and, as a result, we've got open borders. We're being invaded on our Southern border, and we have an economy that practically does not exist."    

"Oh, by the way, have you noticed how many people are now saying Obama's a failure?"    

"Even Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) is calling it a 'farce' that Obama is blaming bad intel for not knowing how big and bad ISIS had become in Iraq."    

"I don't think Obama will ever put boots on the ground in Iraq.  I don't think he cares about Iraq.  He could have wiped ISIS out a year ago if he really cared about all this."

"Hillary Clinton went over to Russia and presented a Russian leader with a toy  reset button, which was designed to reset our relationship after the disaster that was Bush.  Now, how has that worked out?"

"Did you know that I am from the Balkans?  Did you know that? I didn't know! I must have been born in the Balkans 'cause Obama says the reason none of what he's doing is working is because the media has been 'Balkanized,' and what he means is me, talk radio, and Fox News."

"The egghead, stupid, truly incompetent, totally clueless theoreticians from the faculty lounge are finally in charge -- and, voila! Now the world is on fire."

"Obama didn't want a stable Iraq because he couldn't afford for anything Bush did to look like it worked. This wasn't supposed to happen, either, but Iraq was never supposed to be secure." 


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