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California Debates "Yes Means Yes" Sex-Assault Law

RUSH: Folks, there's a great program here in the Stacks of Stuff I haven't got to.  You want to hear some headlines?  California.  This is such a great story.  I can't wait to get to this.  "California Debates 'Yes Means Yes' Sex Assault Law." Oh, wait 'til you hear this.  It used to be "no means no," but that isn't working out. 

It's also not working because they've driven all the men off the college campuses.  This is such... When liberals get hold of an issue, they bollix it up.  This is the classic.  I can't wait to get to this one.  

Brazilian Employers Require Women to Have Virginity Tests Before Hiring Them

RUSH: You know what I gotta do?  I've got a whole stack.  Brazilian employers... Brazil! "Brazilian Employers Require Women to Have Virginity Tests Before Hiring Them."  That's right.  "Women seeking education jobs must undergo tests proving they're healthy," gotta be a virgin, virgin tests.  

ESPN Suspends a Third Host

RUSH: ESPN has suspended another host for something he said 20 years ago.  Another host.  Max Kellerman, who admitted that he harassed his wife 20 or 30 years ago, was suspended for it, for week or two days or whatever. I forget what. 

University of Minnesota Wants to Ban Word "Redskins" at Redskins Game

RUSH: "University Bans Redskins Name in Stadium, Claims It Violates Diversity."  This is the University of Minnesota.  The Redskins are gonna play the Vikings there this year.  They can't say the word "Redskins" when the football team is there.  The university's banned it.  

Cillizza: GOP's White Vote Not Dead Yet

RUSH: Chris Cillizza had a story recently: "Republicans' Increasing Reliance on White Voters May Not Spell Electoral Doom Just Yet."  

Larry Ellison Sues Oregon Over Obamacare

RUSH: Oracle's Larry Ellison has sued Oregon over the health insurance exchange there.  I kid you not.  There's all kinds of stuff.  But we'll get back to this. Don't worry. It's not a tease. All of this is coming up.  We may not get to it all today, but we will.  


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