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Morning Update: No Accident

With terrorists on the march in Syria, Iraq, and dozens of other hot spots around the world, the Regime has apparently decided they want to play with fire, again, when it comes to Libya. Get this. The Regime is lifting a longstanding regulation prohibiting Libyans from coming here to attend flight school, work in aviation, or be trained in nuclear science. 

Drive-Bys Transition from Obama to Hillary

RUSH: I think it's safe to say that the worm has turned in Washington.  I think behind the scenes a formal decision has been made on the part of the media, and that is to focus on their treatment of Hillary while casting aside Obama.  Obama is over. He's yesterday's news. There's nothing positive to report. It's time to build up Hillary, and I think I could make the case for that today in a couple of instances.

No Hope, No Change in Ferguson, Missouri

RUSH: It's just a shame that while all this is going on the president's busy vacationing in Martha's Vineyard, 'cause otherwise he'd be able to solve this.  I mean, he was elected to make sure this kind of thing didn't happen.  It's what they hoped.  A lot of people voted for Obama thinking that his election, the election of the first black president, would bring an end to this.  And, sadly, it has not.

The Snerdley Doctrine

RUSH: The Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley, jumped in my chili, and I am the boss. As soon as that segment was over, my IFB (that's the interoffice inter-staff intercom) came to life, and he said, "They're not looting because of any profound thoughts! They're not looting 'cause they're saying, 'Hey, notice me, and I'm angry!' They're looting 'cause it's a chance to get free stuff." 

Robin Williams and the Pop Culture Media

RUSH: This really is an example of the dedication the media has to pop culture events and how important it is in the eyes of their audience.  Whereas in Washington, the media thinks the world is on fire because of what's happening in the Middle East, your average TMZ viewer thinks the world doesn't make any sense anymore because Robin Williams committed suicide. The thing I worry about, I really do, they're making such heroism out of this that I hope it doesn't inspire a lot of copycats by people seeking the same kind of fame. 

Occupy Wall Street Justified Looting

RUSH: If you engage in work, you're just working for the man. You're working for the 1%. You're toiling away to make him richer, but you ain't getting any of it.  You aren't seeing any of it.  And, indeed, social justice pretty much teaches this exact thing.  And, therefore, social justice tells people who don't have things that they are entitled to take whatever the hell they want when they can and when they want it because they are entitled to it, because it's being purposely denied them.


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