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"I think it's safe to say that the worm has turned in Washington.  I think behind-the-scenes a formal decision has been made on the part of the media, and that is to focus on their treatment of Hillary while casting Obama aside."

"I resent politics of identity.  Racial politics, victim politics, all this, I just despise it.  We're all human beings and we're all Americans and we all ought to be treated and approached and dealt with that way.  Instead, we are divided or we divide ourselves into groups."

"I have always thought suicide was one of the most depressing tragedies and certainly not something that should be reported on in a way that might make others want to do it.  But that's just me."

"Obama sees America where only 1% have a chance, and the game's rigged for the other 99%.  It's not true."

"We conservatives don't see people as members of groups, and we don't want to.  We don't want to be told the first thing we have to notice about something is what makes 'em different."

"We don't want to be told that what makes America great is its diversity and that's defined by skin color.  We don't want to believe that.  We're all human beings!  We're all people!  And I can speak for every conservative I know:  We want the best for everybody."

"The route out of poverty or disadvantage, the route out is hard work. The route out is self-belief.  The route out is self-respect, all these things, but these are learned behaviors."

"We've all got obstacles we have to overcome, some worse than others, but people from every group in this country have shown it can be done, it's possible."

"I've never been one who thought that suicide was heroic nor something to be glorified.  And the reason is simple:  We all only get one life, and I don't think there's anything more precious."

"We as conservatives want the best for everybody, and we have the expectation that it's possible, and that's not pie-in-the-sky.  We believe it because we're Americans.  And in America that's possible, and that's why, by the way, so many of us are so distressed with the election of Obama, because Obama does not see America that way."

"It's therapeutic for me, and I hope for you, to be able to talk about all this stuff each and every day."

"The Tea Party came into existence as far as anybody knows in 2010.  The Tea Party, just average Americans fed up with fear and anger over what they saw happening to their country."  

"The Tea Party originally was animated by the rapidly accruing debt and the oncoming Obamacare."  

"The Tea Party was made up of people who were afraid of their kids' and grandkids' future, that the country was gonna go into such debt and that federal spending was gonna consume so much, that their tax rates would be so high that they would never have a chance to have a better life than their parents had had, which has always been part of the American dream."

"Social justice tells people who don't have things that they are entitled to take whatever the hell they want when they can and when they want it because they are entitled to it, because it's being purposely denied them." 

"People that don't know anything don't know anything, and they don't know that they don't know anything because they don't know.  Unlike the ugly, who definitely know who they are.  But that is a different discussion, usually held in concert with feminism."

"The low-information voter, in many people's minds, is the key to turning the country around.  And they may be, but it may be a lost cause to try to turn 'em into high information.  The key may be getting around them somehow."

"There is nothing about the Obama administration that whoever the next Democrat nominee is wants to glom onto and wants to campaign on, like: 'If you liked the last eight years then vote for me because we're gonna give you another four!' They're gonna have to do the exact opposite."

"So many people believed that the election of the first black president would facilitate this move to a post-racial society, and it hasn't happened -- and, of course, it couldn't happen. No single election is going to fix problems like this.  An election of someone of a specific race is mere symbolism when stacked up against problems that are entrenched as deeply as this one is in this country."

"St. Louis is on fire.  Iraq is on fire.  The Middle East.  The world is on fire!  And Obama is playing golf." 

"I just cringe at the modern definition of 'reality' as doom and gloom and pessimism, because that's easy.  Anybody can be a pessimist.  You don't have to work at it. The problem is that we have way too many people that profit personally and exploit low expectations and doom and misery rather than using the power they've acquired to inspire." 

"A caller wanted to know, 'What is the politics in the coverage of the suicide of Robin Williams?' Well, I believe there is some. But I don't think that the politics is driving it. I think there was, on the part of media and Hollywood, genuine affection for the guy." 

"We, as conservatives, try to inspire on the basis of human characters and expectations and traits, not surface characteristics like skin color, sexual gender or orientation or any of these things that end up dividing us."  

"I think that NBC News and the Washington Post, and I think a lot of Drive-By Media, have calculated that the midterm elections are already doomed for the Democrats, including the Senate." 

"It makes sense for the Drive-By Media to dump on Obama now, because there's no longer any real cost of doing that.  I mean, how do you hurt Obama?  He's not up for election again.  He's not gonna face voters again." 

"Journalists know their credibility has been thrown aside, but it's been worth it to defend and prop up Obama.  But now it's time for the next Democrat to get elected, so this time throw Obama overboard and gain credibility in that process, so that whenever you say whatever you say about Hillary, it has credibility." 

"The murder rate in Chicago is off the charts.  It may be safer in Central American countries than in Chicago."

"If you had to attach not a philosophy but an attitude to a leftist worldview, it's one of pessimism and darkness, sadness.  They're never happy, are they?  They're always angry about something."

"Why did this have to happen in Ferguson?  Could something else have been done instead of pulling the trigger?  You would hope that people who are cops would understand what the ramifications are gonna be, that the last -- absolute last -- choice you would make would be to pull the trigger."

"In addition to the tragedy contained within its own identity here, what is also tragic about this situation in Ferguson is that it is going to feed a stereotype that is going to prevent others escaping circumstances that they have no business being in, and it's just not necessary."


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