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"After 26 years of being misquoted, purposely taken out of context, misreported upon, lied about, some of this stuff now is beginning to get to the point I need to comment on it.  Most days I just let it go by, not wanting to elevate it.  But what the left, and particularly the leftist media, is attempting to do in twisting my comments about the Robin Williams suicide yesterday cannot go unnoticed."

"Did not I raise the veil, lift the shades, and tell you exactly what was going on with the media and Hillary and Obama?  And there it is, unfolding right before everybody's eyes and ears.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you."

"All of these media people think I am just a reprobate, a cold, heartless guy because I accused Robin Williams of committing suicide because he was a liberal.  And I did no such thing."

"There used to be an unbridled optimism about most people in this country, because of what was possible as the result of being an American. And in the last almost six years there's been an assault on that." 

"If Obama grants amnesty to whatever number is being bandied about, five or six million, that's the end of deportations, folks.  How do you deport anybody after you wave the magic wand and legalize five million, six million, or even all 12 million?" 

"I always love it when the media starts analyzing itself."  

"We never run out of stuff to talk about.  There's no such thing as a slow news or slow other kind of day here at the EIB Network."

"We never advocate throwing in the towel, because on this program there is always the light of inspiration and encouragement and positive change for the good of everyone.  That's what we do here on this program each and every day, and that's why we chronicle and report on some of the bad and negative things that are happening that are unnecessary and need to change in politics."

"We all only get one life.  Most people take it for granted because it's a chore.  You get up, you got things to do. It's filled with ups and downs.  And few people ever stop to think it's the most precious and rare thing that we have."

"'We have no business being happy and optimistic here, given the plight of the rest of the world!' That has always been the battle cry of the left."

"We all need a mentor. We all need somebody to show us or to inspire us or do something to tell us that we're all better than we think we are." 

"Pessimism and doom and gloom and negativism, defeatism are easy. We can all do it.  It doesn't take any effort.  Most people are inclined to pessimism. Most people are inclined to say they can't do something." 

"Everybody needs to be pushed beyond what they think they can do -- physically, mentally, what have you. It's how you learn." 

"We all have a comfort level, and the idea is to be pushed beyond that.  That's what good teachers do." 

"There all kinds of people who've been born poverty and worse and have triumphed over it, have become immensely successful and have been just tremendous citizens, done great things!"  

"Hillary is out there as the next Democrat nominee, but she cannot win the Democrat nomination if she is seen part of the Obama administration 'cause it's a disaster, and the media knows it's a disaster." 

"The decision to make Hillary secretary of state and not vice president is coming home to roost.  If she were the vice president today, she couldn't do what he's doing.  She couldn't run out and trash Obama." 

"I wanted to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my sizable beating heart.  Ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom.  I greatly appreciate your being here each and every day.  Makes it all worth it."


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