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Why Liberals Hate NASCAR


RUSH: We will start in Indianapolis on the EIB Network today.  Hello, Ben.  Great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.  Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER:  I just wanted to make the comment on the media bias that you're pointing out.  We had two tragedies here recently, Robin Williams and what happened in the accident with Tony Stewart who is, you know, from Indiana who leans conservative. He was invited to the White House, he turned it down a couple years ago.  And the way the media reported the tragedy with him was everything to tear him down, saying Tony Stewart kills 20-year-old, you know, all these terrible things, convicting him of stuff. And we're a flyover state, you know, we're God, guns, and NASCAR.  And then you've got Robin Williams, again a tragedy, but everything the media's doing is to build him up, and he's someone that's been to the White House, is a big liberal, and I see the politics in it where, you know, a conservative, when an accident happens, they try to destroy 'em, and, you know, with Robin Williams, they're trying to build him up.  What are your thoughts?

RUSH:  Robin Williams is one of them.  Robin Williams exemplifies, I mean, this whole circumstance for them paints a picture of the sadness and the desperation and the disappointment that awaits everything no matter what you have.  It's dark out there.  It's a vehicle for the media to continue to paint a picture that they want to continue painting.  The Tony Stewart circumstance, the politics of that, and I did hear some in the media claim that what drove him to do it was a macho Southern culture even though he is from Indiana, but NASCAR, of course, was founded. 

I mean, the left makes fun of NASCAR and car racing anyway.  They always have.  Back when the soccer mom phenomenon occurred, they tried to come up with NASCAR dads. The Democrats have done everything they can to make inroads with the NASCAR gang, but when they found out the NASCAR gang likes guns, they realized it was gonna be futile. So they went back to making fun of them and trashing them. NASCAR was founded -- (laughing) it really was. 

The original NASCAR drivers were guys that were distilling whiskey illegally and were running away from tax collectors.  They were, you know, running away from the revenuers.  And that gave us NASCAR, and to them NASCAR's hick and it's hayseed and so forth. It's not beautiful. It's not genius. It's not talent. It's not entertainment. It doesn't bring out the best in everybody, all this stuff that's so predictable.  So those are two examples, if you want to use them, of fairly good evidence of the choosing of sides that takes place.  



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