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Rand Paul, Claire McCaskill Call for Police Demilitarization... Ferguson Police Chief Announces Porta Potties for Protestors... Obamacare and Immigration Coming Tomorrow...

Ferguson Disconnect: Media Liberals Protest Big Government Police State

RUSH: As often as I complain about the lack of professionalism and the overall horrible job I think the mainstream journalists do today, I do not nevertheless believe that any of this is called for, and I don't think this is the way to deal with them in any way, shape, manner, or form.  But one thing... The disconnects that happen here, though, are just amazing.  They're talking about a police state.  When?  Who's running things? Who's running Ferguson? Who's running the country? What kind of thinking is allowing this to happen?  Who is it that believes in an all-powerful Big Government behaving in manners like this? 

Lawlessness Leads to Frustration and Desperation -- On All Sides

RUSH: If the president doesn't have to obey the law, if the immigration laws don't have to be obeyed... You throw in every other societal aspect that results in our culture pending crumbling and rotting. It's a very slow process.  It has taken years.  This, I don't think, happened overnight. But you have a general frustration on the part of everybody that there doesn't seem to be any glue holding everything together.

Does Hillary Know How Bad Things are Going to Get?

RUSH: I'm telling you, I think the reason that she's distancing herself so decisively, so decidedly, and so soon is because she has an idea of how bad it could potentially get, and she doesn't want to be anywhere near it if something blows up.  Because it's a little early for this wide a division between these two people to begin, just a little early. 


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