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Rand Paul, Claire McCaskill Call for Police Demilitarization

RUSH: There are certain things that happened here.  It's pile on the cops time now, so prepare yourself for that.  You've got Claire McCaskill, who is saying (imitating McCaskill), "We need to demilitarize the cops, it's outrageous. The cops don't need to be acting like the military."  And Rand Paul is saying we need to demilitarize the cops.  General Honore is saying we need to get rid of these cops and we need to bring in the state cops.  Hot Air is reporting that the governor of Missouri has relieved the St. Louis County PD in Ferguson, has already gotten rid of them, has not decided with whom he's going to replace them. But "Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will announce that St. Louis County law enforcement will be relieved of duty in Ferguson, which has been roiled by protests," blah, blah, blah.  The source for this is Lacy Clay, Representative William Lacy Clay. 

"The governor just called me, and he’s on his way to St. Louis now to announce he’s taking away St. Louis County police out of the situation." He added that Nixon may ask for the FBI to step in.  Now, the St. Louis County PD, that's not the Ferguson police department itself, is it?  I don't know.  But, anyway, that's what Lacy Clay, William Lacy Clay is saying the governor told him, he's gonna relieve the St. Louis County PD.  

Ferguson Police Chief Announces Porta Potties for Protestors

RUSH: The police chief in Ferguson, Missouri, was on TV moments ago and announced the following.  He had met with the representative of the NAALCP, the DOJ's community relations person, and local clergy earlier today.  The result of the meeting is that in Ferguson they're gonna open up the sidewalks for demonstrators to peacefully protest. But they're not going to open the streets, just the sidewalks.

Because they are opening the sidewalks for peaceful public protests, they are going to be putting up a bunch of Porta Potties along the sidewalks for the peaceful protesters peacefully pee.  He also said that everybody needs to allow the protestors (who were gonna protest anyway) to protest peacefully and to give them space (i.e., the sidewalks where they're going to have Porta Potties when they need to pee in peace, or maybe pee for peace).

Also, they're not removing their tactical methods but they're working on a way to make the "optics" of the police operations appear to be less in-your-face. But they will do what they need to do if the crowd gets violent.  Those are the steps that the police chief says highs gonna take -- Tom Jackson is his name -- after he met with the local representative of the NAACP, the community relations person from the Justice Department and local clergy.

So they are gonna open the sidewalks for peaceful protests, put up Porta Potties for peaceful protesters to pee in peace or for peace, and everybody needs to go allow the protestors -- who are gonna protest anyway. He said, "Look, it's gonna happen. So we need to let them do it peacefully, give them space, the sidewalks."  They are not going to remove any of their tactical methods of dealing with unrest, but they are going to search for ways to make the optics of what the police do look to be less in-your-face. 

But, even having said that, they will do what they need to do if the crowd gets violent. 

That's the police chief.

Obamacare and Immigration Coming Tomorrow

RUSH:  We had a bunch of news today that I didn't get to on immigration and Obamacare, so I've put it in the Stack for tomorrow, in addition to Open Line Friday.  It is Friday tomorrow.  Yeah.  Cool.  Okay, good.  That means I'm not dreaming and I wasn't on Monday Night Football.


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