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Pearls of Wisdom

"You should always suspect, with major network news, that there is a political agenda attached to everything they do."

"The true definition of the Drive-By Media is they arrive on the scene of major breaking news and they stir up emotions to a frenzied fever pitch. They spread lies, and then, after a few hours or a few days when the real facts emerge, they're gone.  They're down the road doing it again on the next story, while everybody else is left in their wake with a mess that real Americans have to clean up.  And that is exactly what has happened in Ferguson, Missouri."  

"The news media is constantly searching for ways to prove they still have the ability to move public opinion."

"Back when I started this program in 1988, you would not believe the pressures that were on me to get involved in causes.  The causes were always in protest of something, and the purpose was to show the power of talk radio."

"I have never done causes.  I resisted all of that because I have never viewed that being the purpose of talk radio."  

"Only one time have I urged people to make phone calls to Washington and that was to show what would happen when I did."

"Isn't it amazing how somebody, with just the stroke of a pen, can change the classification from illegal immigrant to homeless?"  

"I play golf with people who slather so much damn sunscreen on they look like the Invisible Man wrapped in white bandages."

"The media deal in rumors all the time, if they like what the rumor is." 

"The people asking questions of the highway patrol captain Ron Johnson in Ferguson were mad, and it's understandable. For the whole week, the people of that town have believed the story that's been out there.  People generally believe what's in the media, sadly, and the narrative and template of this story is the narrative and template that always accompanies an incident like this." 

"All of this in Ferguson was so unnecessary, and all of it serves to make Americans think their country is not so hot. What an absolute travesty this week has been." 

"The media and the politicians and the agitators and the president didn't need to wait for the facts in Ferguson, because everybody's prejudice had already told 'em what had happened there and why it had happened and who was guilty and who was innocent and all of that." 

"Politicians never wait for the facts. They act on narrative to advance the agenda whenever there is crisis on the scene." 

"Do you know what Algore's Current TV was?  Home videos! It was people sending in their home videos as proof that the icebergs were melting or what have you.  It was nonsensical." 

"If you are qualified as homeless, you're not an illegal immigrant.  You get many more welfare benefits and you are not even called an illegal immigrant. You are just, sadly, homeless -- and a remnant of the Bush administration, as an added bonus." 

"When I was growing up, the people that made things safe and cared and wanted to protect me from the things going on, that was my parents. Now, I realize that's terribly insensitive, and it's not the way things are in America today, and I realize that I have spoken out of turn." 

"Mr. Snerdley, official screen of calls, knows what I care about and what I don't care about, but on Friday we throw all that out.  Whatever you want to talk about is fine."


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