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Morning Update: Two-Stars No Shows

This past Thursday, Major General Harold Greene was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Some wondered why President Obama wasn’t there. Or, barring the president’s unavailability due to important events, why Vice President Joe Biden didn’t show up. 

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Rick Perry Indictment is Another Case of the Democrat Party Criminalizing Opposition

RUSH: Mr. Snerdley walked in and said, "Boy, this thing with Rick Perry, can you believe what a farce?" It's not a farce, folks.  Now, I'm not gonna be getting to Rick Perry right off the bat here, but I wanted to mention something about it to get it on the table.  It's not a farce.  It isn't a joke.  Sadly, it's not even a laughing matter.  This is dead serious.  Not that he's done anything wrong.  What's dead serious about this is the Democrat Party and their ongoing effort to criminalize political differences or opposition. 

New York Times Wrongly Credits Twitter for Publicizing Ferguson Shooting

RUSH: David Carr, writing for the New York Times, claimed that nobody knew about this story until Wednesday of last week and that this story didn't become a story until Twitter got hold of it. This story became a story because of a hashtag.  That's all that happened here.  If it weren't for Twitter, you wouldn't know about this.  That is as bogus and irresponsible as I can think.  

Myth: White Cops Shoot Innocent Black Kids All the Time

RUSH: Myths are what make up the daily Drive-By news agenda, and that is the daily news agenda of the Democrat Party.  The myth that is driving what happened in St. Louis is that white cops shoot black kids all the time.  That is the myth. That is the image being created.  That is the purpose of all the coverage.  It is rare. The truth of the matter is, it is rare.  The simple fact of the matter is that the greatest incidence, the largest number of criminal incidence against blacks is perpetrated by blacks.

Marc Lamont Hill: Rioters are from Oakland

RUSH: According to him, it's not even locals.  You got people in town from Oakland.  There's a huge New Black Panther chapter there.  So they're in town inciting this, initiating the violence, and he says the police reaction has been pretty intense.  Well, why wouldn't it be?  Private property is being destroyed, for crying out loud. 


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