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Detroit Police Chief Urges Citizens to Arm

RUSH: Here's the story out of Detroit.  This is from the UK Guardian.  "Detroit police chief James Craig -- nicknamed 'Hollywood' for his years spent in the LAPD and his seeming love of being in front of the camera -- has repeatedly called on 'good' and 'law-abiding' Detroiters to arm themselves against criminals in the city. His words have not fallen on deaf ears.
"Patricia Champion, a 63-year-old lifelong Detroiter, a grandmother and retired educator, decided to get her concealed pistol license -- a CPL -- two years ago after her son said he was increasingly worried for her safety. Champion, a resident of northwest Detroit, mostly keeps her gun, a 9mm Glock 19 ... in her house."
Imagine this.  You think the Democrats are fit to be tied on the Second Amendment.  Police chief in Detroit urging people to buy guns?  It's also, I would think, a bit of an admission that the cops cannot totally defend people and protect people.  Isn't it?  They're pretty much saying, "Hey, look, don't count on us. We may not be able to get to each one of you in distress.  You better arm up." 
Who runs Detroit, by the way, and who has run Detroit for all these years?  That would be Democrats.  And where are all these white cops that are killing black people in Detroit?  Where is all that happening, if this myth, if this is so common in America, when is the last time it happened before Ferguson?  

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Non-Sense Ferguson Column

RUSH: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had one of the most nonsensical pieces, quasi-intellectual pieces in TIME Magazine about Ferguson, and I may take a stab at analyzing that.  But that's gonna be hard.  Maybe tomorrow.


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