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"Every one of Obama's appearances is staged usually now in front of young, low-information college students in a controlled environment, with Obama on the campaign stage, campaigning for something, complaining about one of his own policies that the audience doesn't realize is his own policy. But an environment like Ferguson, they couldn't control."

"Snerdley is in there drinking a bottle of Two If By Tea, and he's just commenting on how good it is. Thank you, Mr. Snerdley, I appreciate that. It's incredible. It is. It's the best iced tea in the country."

"You're not watching news out of Ferguson. You're watching politics in action. They don't find anybody who disagrees with the myth, not one person in that town, huh?"

"I'm wondering, did the waters of the Mississippi River part as Holder flew over the Mississippi en route to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport? Have the lions laid down with the lambs? Are the Crips making peace with the Bloods? Is it all better now because Eric Holder has touched down?"

"It's something like 90% of the agitators and protesters are not from Ferguson. If that weren't happening, if they weren't busing in New Black Panther Party members and others from Oakland, who knows what might be going on there?"

"This Obama appearance of being disengaged and bored and having checked out from the job -- not challenged, not interested in it anymore -- is the greatest cover for political activism that you can imagine."

"If the truth behind any of the Democrat Party's policies is ever revealed, what happens? Whoever reveals the truth becomes a target, and the nature of the evidence and the truth is obliterated, nuked, and destroyed."

"A female Democrat Party activist and party member was on the grand jury that indicted Rick Perry, and she's out singing a sweet song and just bragging about it, how cool it is."

"Obama called ISIS the JV team. So the JV team has beheaded an American reporter, a photojournalist, actually, James Foley, beheaded on videotape. They're threatening to behead yet another American journalist, the JV team."

"You notice how often Obama says he's powerless to do anything, even stop the rioting in Ferguson. Powerless to do anything about Benghazi. He's just powerless to do anything."

"The reporters on the ground in Ferguson are not standing there with notebooks and cameras and microphones and recording what happens and then trying to be the first to tell everybody. They are all trying to find things that will fit their version of the story that already exists."

"I used to say back in the early days of this program, if you miss this program, you miss this program. There's nowhere else you can go to hear what happened on this program. But if you missed CBS, no big deal, watch ABC."

"In the current climate in the United States a black person can never be the oppressor, and a white person can never be a victim."

"Students in the high school in Ferguson, Missouri -- still closed because of rioting -- are not just missing classes. They are missing their free lunches. I kid you not. Students in the high school, closed because of the rioting, aren't just missing classes. They are missing their free lunches."


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