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"Britain lost their immigration war a long time ago. There is no Great Britain as your grandfather knew it. You know, in Great Britain, the most popular name for newborn boys past three years, Mohammed, Muhammad, Mohamed. Top three."

"The Drive-Bys are shocked that Obama doesn't appear to care about Jim Foley. The Drive-Bys are shocked that Obama would go play golf. But they had all these high hopes. They bought into all of it because Obama's them, and they are Obama, same generation, same worldview, same pedigree. And they all care."

"Narcissists don't have time to care about other people. They're too busy wondering about everybody else caring about them. They're too busy expecting everybody to be focused on them. Narcissists can't possibly be effusive or emotive, by clinical definition."

"Obama has always believed, the United States is the problem in the world. He was raised, educated, and believes in his own self that the United States is the reason the world is the way it is."

"'The White House'" made Obama play golf? One of our guys is saying this? So Obama finishes his remarks about Jim Foley, and then he looks at his BlackBerry for instructions from the White House, and on his BlackBerry it says: 'Hit first tee next'?"

"I got so excited to do these children's books on American history, to tell the truth at an early age, in a fun way, so that kids learn historical truth and get a foundation of love and respect for this country, despite our flaws -- and there are some."

"Tune into any cable news network or read any Drive-By website or newspaper. You will have no problem coming across people shocked, surprised, angry, outraged, what have you, that President Obama delivered a passionless, almost rote, because-he-had-to, set of remarks on the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley -- and then, in 10 minutes, is spotted out there in the driver's seat of the presidential golf cart laughing and yukking it up."

"This show is not some exercise in bashing Obama. I don't ever do that, just bash to bash. Never, ever. I have a reason for doing everything here."

"The media loves nothing more than talking about themselves. And they love nothing more than talking about what they do and how they do it."

"Jimmy Carter, the worst acknowledged president ever, and the Democrats elevate him to emeritus status in order to save the party."

"So I think now, in the aftermath of the death of James Foley, the question, does Hillary know how bad things are going to be get? I wonder if she knew how bad this ISIS business was."

"When an officer tells you to lay down, you don't have to. You can rush the guy. What are people thinking?"

"I'm sitting here wondering about this picture of Obama that ran New York Daily News, I think. I mean, mere moments after he finishes his heartfelt slap at the JV team, he's out there on the first tee. He's in the driver's seat of his golf cart, and he is smiling, and he is just happy as he can be. I'm just wondering if the photographer who took that picture is going to be forced to apologize."

"Nobody gets to tell anybody nothing. Nobody gets to tell anybody what to do. That's what America 2014 is. Nobody gets to tell anybody anything!"


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