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V. Stiviano Says Sterling is Gay... Maine Town Renames Street "Redskin's Drive".... Dingy Harry Reid Apologizes for "Wong" Words...

Democrat: Grant Amnesty to Illegal Children or They'll Become Terrorists

RUSH: What he's essentially saying is, if we don't grant 'em amnesty, they're gonna get so mad, they're gonna become terrorists, and we don't want 'em to become terrorists... This is certifiable proof that Democrats, some Democrats from Iowa, are insane.  I don't know who it's an insult to.  Yes, it's an insult to the children, but you talk about what must this guy think of the voters in Iowa who he wants to elect him.  How stupid does he think they are?  

This Caller's Question Says So Much

RUSH: Whenever there is a racial incident, there are a lot of people in this country, many of whom voted for Obama thinking his election would end all of this, and who are asking the very question that John asked. His question in this case is: Okay, what if ISIS kills a black journalist? If a black journalist were killed by these guys, would there be a little bit more concern or solidarity?

CNN Sees the Myth Slipping Away

RUSH: CNN is noticeably down today, and you can see it, see the reason why in their own headlines.  It's starting to return to normal in Ferguson.  And you can see, I mean, the credibility of key witnesses in question. It's beginning to dawn on them that the myth might not prevail here. 


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