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Pearls of Wisdom

"Liberalism has been so good at disguising itself and trying to make itself look like it's apolitical. I mean, what little kid would think an animal rights group has anything to do with politics?"

"Have you heard the latest reason from a Democrat why we need to grant illegal immigrants amnesty? I'm not kidding. If we don't, they'll become terrorists."

"This business of Obama making a really halfhearted statement about the beheading of James Foley and then immediately dashing back to the golf course is causing a great sense of panic among the Drive-By Media. So many of them had such lofty goals. So many of them invested totally in Obama."

"So, Obama had to come back to Washington for a bachelor party. He left his own vacation -- one set of parties and the golf course -- for another party. He didn't announce that until after it was over, and even then it wasn't announced as a bachelor party."

"You don't know if social media is simply allowing the people who've always been this way to finally come out and behave this way, or if it has creating this new level of uncivil discourse."

"A common tactic of the left is when they get behind a cause, they make it look like everybody agrees with them, like they speak for everybody, and it creates this false impression that there is no disagreement. So, if you do disagree, you're automatically supposed to feel odd and weird and behind the times, unhip, uncool, whatever; the world's passing you by."

"The media is starting to get really, really worried about Obama checking out, playing golf, not being interested. They're really, really worried."

"We don't see public recognitions of and devotion to God, because it's laughed at and mocked and made fun of. Even that's been politicized."

"If everybody who posted something on the Internet had to be identified by who they really are... I'm not suggesting it, but I think the theory is true that if everybody had to go by who they really are, their true identity, that you'd have a lot less of this."

"A common tactic of the left is when they get behind a cause, whatever it is, they make it look like everybody agrees with them."

"Do you know how much the left hates golf? Do you know why the left hates golf? Global warming! There's too much empty space out there. Look at all that green! Look at all the water that's being used to keep that golf. For who? The top 1%!"

"Obama's an ideologue. He's gonna keep transforming this country, and he's gonna maybe even speed it up 'cause people refuse to appreciate just how genius he is."

"CNN is noticeably down today, and you can see it, see the reason why in their own headlines. It's starting to return to normal in Ferguson."


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