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"I think the Drive-Bys know Obama hasn't checked out, but they are tired of him looking like he has because it isn't gonna look good and isn't gonna help the 2014 midterms. I think the media and the Democrat Party are trying to ratchet up this criticism of Obama as a way of forcing him to get engaged and to do some more executive orders. I think that's what this is all about."

"How are they ever gonna confirm this alleged audio of the Michael Brown shooting? But it doesn't matter, because as far as CNN's concerned, it's real. And they've had expert after expert after expert, audiologist, forensic audiologist after forensic audiologist on CNN all morning long analyzing it."

"You know that picture of Obama 10 minutes after the attempt at the solemn reaction to the murder of James Foley? Yeah, the picture of him laughing and yukking it up on the golf course. That was not a paparazzi picture. That was taken by the Regime. It was a picture the White House released."

"The IRS e-mails are backed up, but look at how specific these lies were that were told to explain why those e-mails were gone."

"We have an entire media apparatus that is making it abundantly clear that they are more than willing to create a total lie out of a circumstance like this tragic shooting in Ferguson, or they're more than willing to go along with one. They're more than willing to help establish that something happened that didn't happen. Now, why? Who benefits when a lie like this ends up being accepted?"

"The White House sent more people to the funeral of the gentle giant than they sent to the Arlington National Cemetery funeral of a two-star general killed in Afghanistan recently named General Harold J. Greene. They didn't send anybody. Not one representative from the Regime traveled across town in Washington to attend his funeral at Arlington. The Regime sent more people to the funeral of the gentle giant than they sent to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher."

"The feminists have their agenda, the global warmers have theirs, the civil rights guys have their agenda. They're quite different, and sometimes it's a challenge to keep all those people unified."

"You don't get whiter than the Hamptons. You don't get whiter, you don't get more liberal, you don't get wealthier than the Hamptons. Mrs. Clinton at a book signing in the Hamptons. Trying to reverse the ill fortunes of her horrible book by sitting in a bookstore in the white liberal Hamptons selling 700 copies trying to earn a profit."

"Count me a skeptic on this new tape. I don't know how they're ever going to confirm it. I mean, for crying out loud, this guy doing his sex chat with his babe there could have had the TV on!"

"I don't think Obama cares about the problems with Obamacare, not the individual problems. He doesn't care about that. All he cares is that it's the law of the land. That was his objective. He got it passed and signed. That's the objective."

"If there are Michael Browns all over the country, where are the Drive-Bys gonna land next? Tell me, what's the story? The only other comparable story they have is Salt Lake City, but it's reversed. It's a white victim and an "other than white" cop."


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