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Pearls of Wisdom

"Obama may go on vacation, but the Obama agenda never does. The Obama agenda doesn't ever slow down. The Obama agenda doesn't really have anything in its way."

"Pretty soon we're gonna get an audiotape of gunshots that wiped him out. CNN will have it."

"Six years into this mess, I think a very artful, honest, heartfelt explanation of who we are and what we believe and what we want to do would result in its own landslide. I guess I'll just call him the gentle jihadi, then. Is that the way this guy's being portrayed, nobody can understand it? The gentle jihadi?"

"There's still a lot of fear on the Republican side about saying anything against Obama no matter what."

"CNN jumped the gun on the audio from this guy sex-chatting in Ferguson on purpose. It's not 'unprofessional' It's not 'inexperience.' It's not 'youthful mistakes.' This is agenda-driven decision making on the part of CNN to air this inauthentic or unauthenticated tape."

"Isn't it ironic? The GOP, despite everything, is still depending on the Tea Party for a huge wave victory."

"Back in the early nineties, when I would do this show, I would talk about the Democrats and liberalism, and I would say to you in the audience, 'If we don't stop it, then X is gonna happen.' It was always a theoretical warning. It was always sounding the alarm. Well, we've ended up there. We're no longer talking theory."

"There are 10 gunshots that the guy's computer clearly picks up (I mean, if it's real), and the babe doesn't once ask, 'Hey, honeybunch, what's going on where you are? What's happening? Are you okay?' I mean, if you were sex video chatting with a guy and you heard gunshots on his end of the connection, would you would you react and ask, 'Hey, hey, hey! Are you okay out there?' But this guy's babe and this guy (chuckles) didn't even pause. They did not have one shred of a reaction."

"The Democrat Party is poison. The Democrat Party could not win if they were up front about what they intend to do. But they never are."

"Warren Buffett is investing in Burger King and they're merging with a fast food joint in Canada and they're gonna have their federal tax rate cut in half. It's amazing, Warren Buffett promoted Obama. Warren Buffett made the case for tax increases on the rich to help Obama. Now Warren Buffett, when it's him involved, does everything he can to pay as little in tax as possible."

"I can't wait for ESPN to report from the locker room at the next women's professional golf tournament. Can you imagine sending a reporter in there and asking about the showering habits of some of the female professionals on the LPGA circuit? I mean, they've broken new ground here, so we can look forward to that."

"I think ESPN ought to go off the air for two days. I think if they're really gonna be consistent here, they don't allow their employees to apologize, they make 'em apologize, they kick 'em off the air for a couple of days, a week. ESPN ought to suspend itself, just to be consistent."


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