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"If we grant blanket amnesty for the 11 million illegals that are here, and leave the border in the current shape it's in, what are we doing? We're sending a signal to come on up! And the Mexican president is all for it. He's working with the Regime to facilitate this colonization."

"There is an army of American people waiting to be used, waiting to be mobilized, waiting to be put into some kind of political motion. We have not lost the majority of this country. If we had, there wouldn't be any talk of the Democrats losing as big as they're gonna lose in November."

"Democrats win, by having no opposition."

"For those of you who've been here all 26 years, think back to the first few months when you heard this program. Why did you like it? What was so great about it? It wasn't me personally. It was that finally, finally, after all of these years, there was somebody in the national media saying what you say, believing what you believe."

"The Democrats are trying to win the game, and the Republicans are so far down that just getting a first down is the equivalent of winning the game. But we're nowhere near midfield after we do it, and we're nowhere near touchdown territory."

"Benefits are things paid for by other people."

"Shutting down the government. That's the Democrat strategy. Shut down the government. Get the Republicans to shut down the government."

"The immigration system isn't 'broken.' The way it is being implemented and managed is what's broken. The immigration laws we have are fine. The problem is they're being ignored on purpose."

"Democrats have the Republicans scared to death of saying anything that might even be interpreted as critical of the first African-American president. They have got the Republicans believing that amnesty is the only thing they can do, agreeing with it, to save themselves demographically for their future desire to win the White House."

"If you have a really Looney Tune, wacko caller who is entertaining despite himself or herself, just get out of the way. Just shut up and let 'em go."

"I think we're beyond looking at the condition of this country in the traditional sense of Republican versus Democrat, black versus white, good guy versus bad guy, spy vs. spy."

"I think we are hip-deep in the transformation of this country. Obamacare, all of this threatening talk about executive actions here and there, the shape of the border, the economy, the job situation. It's not something that one election is going to fix, nor is it something that one election will signal the American people support the opposite view from Obama."


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