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Did ESPN Jeopardize Michael Sam's Spot on the Rams Roster?


RUSH: ESPN may be in a tizzy right as we speak.  You know, there's huge fallout over the shower report.  By the way, speaking of that, you know Josina Anderson reported that Michael Sam was the last to use the showers after practice every day 'cause he didn't want to make his teammates uncomfortable.  And what's that about?  Well, the implied thing, you know, gay guys in the shower, ah, you know, recruitment, ah, he doesn't want to even deal with it so he's going in there last. 

Nobody actually said that, but that's what the undercurrent of the report was, so everybody blew a gasket.  How dare they!  ESPN apologized.  They didn't suspend themselves, but they should have.  There are calls for the reporterette to be fired and the producer to be fired over this report.  Well, while they're trying to put themselves back together on this, the NFL Network, which is owned by the league, there is a reporter there named Mike Silver, and he has just tweeted that he doesn't expect Michael Sam to make the Rams 53-man, the final roster. 

Now, ESPN's gonna see this.  Another ESPN trick, when somebody else breaks a story like this, ESPN runs a crawl on the screen: "ESPN confirms that Michael Sam will not --" or they try to make it look like they broke the story or they're right in there along with it.  Can you imagine, the NFL Network has reported, a reporter there tweeted Michael Sam won't make the final roster. It's not official, just this guy's opinion. 

But it's supposedly inside news, inside opinion, league's own network, a reporter there may have an in with the Rams.  The final cuts are due Saturday at four o'clock.  Final cuts, four o'clock tomorrow, so that's when everybody will know.  ESPN, "Oh, what do we do with this?  Oh, my God, does this have anything to do with our shower story?  I wonder if it has to do with our shower story.  Oh, gee."  I just love this stuff.  



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