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Obama's Agenda Rolls On


RUSH: Chris in Peoria, I'm glad you called, sir.  Thank you for waiting.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  God bless you.  I'm a woman, though.

RUSH:  Well -- ha-ha-ha -- thank you very much.  (laughing)  That's fine with me.  It's absolutely fine with me.

CALLER:  You kind of got me thinking when you said that he wasn't so optimistic, 'cause I'm thinking, isn't that what he ran on, "yes, we can"?  When did it change to, "yes, we can" to maybe, "no, I can't" or, "no, I won't"?

RUSH:  Well, now see, I have a totally different take.  She's asking me, essentially, whatever happened to the Obama battle cry, "yes, we can" because he's out there saying about ISIS, "No, we can't."  We can't wipe 'em out.  The answer to your question, Chris, what happened to Obama's battle cry, "yes, we can," nothing.  It's still occurring.  Obamacare is still proceeding at full speed. 

Amnesty is on track to happen. Illegal immigrants are pouring across the border every day, and more and more of 'em are coming, and Obama's flirting with executive action not to deport any, and to grant them amnesty. 

Obama's economic policies are in full force, and they are continuing to do great harm to the job market. Students continue to not be able to find work. Obama's rallying cry of, "yes, we can," meaning, move his agenda forward, is still active.  He may not act as though he's in charge of it. He may not act like he's moving his agenda forward, but that's part of a studied strategy, if you ask me.  But I don't care what you look at, if you look at ISIS or all that stuff and you see incompetence on parade and inaction and disinterest, don't be fooled. 

The Obama agenda's on the march.  The White House, the EPA, the IRS, they're all full speed ahead. The DOJ, they're doing everything they can to implement Obama's agenda.  "Yes, we can" is still what is mobilizing the true believers in the Regime.  Don't be fooled.  



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