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Guest Host Mark Steyn

"There's some question as to whether this hacked video of Obama performing a full day's work is, in fact, genuine." -Mark Steyn

Obama Blames Social Media

"The US embassy in Tripoli is now in the hands of the jihad boys. They're all diving into the pool at the compound and posting pictures of it on social media. It turns out the fellas that like to chop your head off know how to use YouTube, Facebook and Twitter better than Obama and all the cool kids he's got surrounding him in his Oval Office team. That's what it's come to: He's not even a good tweeter!" -Mark Steyn

"Everybody gets excited about social media. 'Oh, politicians using social media!' Does anybody on the planet use social media as effective as these fellas in ISIS do?" -Mark Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com: The Most Brilliant Man on Earth Doesn't Have a Strategy Yet -- But He Doesn't Believe We Can Defeat ISIS or Putin - 08.29.14    

"There's always an invisible unrepresented you can't-find-'em person that always agrees with Obama.  But that's not true.  His own secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel, has described ISIS as the absolute, biggest threat we've faced, that we didn't know anything like these guys before." -Rush

Government Class vs. Dependency Class

"The whole new social structure is that there should be a dependency class and a class of bureaucrats that administers to the dependency class. Ferguson, Missouri is a microcosm of the America that will be." -Mark Steyn

"By 'immigration rights,' Obama seems to mean that people who are not Americans have a right to enter the United States if they want to without having to undergoing anything from US immigration, without getting the proper visas, without getting the proper work permits. It's now, apparently, a civil right that unspecified foreigners have to enter the United States. I'd be interested to know if he's just riffing off the prompter and that's why it makes no sense, or if there's something to this." -Mark Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com: CBO: Our Best Days are Behind Us - 08.28.14

"This is what you get when you elect people who haven't the slightest understanding, respect for, or even curiosity about what it is that makes this country great." -Rush    

The Decline of the Middle Class

"The problem with Obama is not Obama. The problem with Obama is that tens of millions of Americans voted for this guy twice as their president, and, in that sense, the problem is the American electorate." -Mark Steyn 

"I'd rather use the soft power, the smart power. The point is that to use the smart power, you've got to be smart -- and Obama wasn't." -Mark Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com:We Need to Do More Than Win an Election - 08.28.14

"We can't turn this around in one election or even two. See, I don't think we're even on the same field the Democrats are on, folks. The Democrats are trying to win the game.  The prize is the Constitution, and whoever wins gets to do with it whatever they want." -Rush 

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"The New York Times sold the Boston Globe basically for the value of their real estate. Same thing with the Miami Herald, bought for its beachfront property. The newspapers are worthless." -Mark Steyn


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