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Guest Host Erick Erickson

"The president hasn't checked out. He's chosen to check the United States out, and bad things are happening as a result." -Erick Erickson

People Are Checking Out

"The president sees the United States as a bully who's been striding too high on the world stage and needs to come down a peg. He thinks if we just step back, if we check off the world stage, the rest of the world can take care of itself. They'll settle each others' problems. Only we see it's not working. The only question now is how many people are going to die because of this president's foreign policy?" -Erick Erickson

"The president wants to put together an 'international coalition' to go after whatever we call the beheading terrorists -- ISIS, ISIL, IS, or just those SOBs. The president says our objective is to make the bad guys 'manageable.' Not to wipe them out. Not to go all Duck Dynasty and convert or kill them. No, the president wants to make them manageable." -Erick Erickson    

RushLimbaugh.com: Don't Doubt Me: Obama Hasn't Checked Out - 08.26.14        

"This is the most ideological president we've had in the White House in I don't know how long.  The most partisan-committed president we've had in I don't know how long.  And the idea that he's checked out and has lost interest is a trick. I'm telling you, it is a ruse to allow him to get away with even more." -Rush

Erick's Tough Love

"They raise your wage to $15 and unionize you. Then they're going to tax you, take your union dues, and raise your income in Obamacare where you're going to be hit harder with fees and penalties. And then you're still going to be an aggrieved schlub who's failed at life." -Erick Erickson

"If you are in a job where you have to go stand on a street corner and get paid minimum wage by some union goon to hold up a sign that says you want more money, you have failed at life." -Erick Erickson 

RushLimbaugh.com: Same Old Playbook: Raise Minimum Wage - 01.28.14

"The minimum wage has nothing to do with poverty.  Inequality is not the reason for poverty.  The government is the reason for poverty.  The welfare state is it the reason for poverty.  We began a War on Poverty in 1964." -Rush

Republicans Just Wanna Be Loved

"Speak the truth. Be bold in the truth. There is no reason to avoid certain subjects." -Erick Erickson

"The Democrats are starting to become unglued." -Erick Erickson

RushLimbaugh.com: The Answer is Conservatism - 09.28.14

"The answer is conservatism.  The answer is fealty to the core beliefs and principles of this nation's founding.  That's the answer." -Rush

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"The president is the second-coming of Neville Chamberlain." -Erick Erickson


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