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Republicans Care More About Donors Than Voters


RUSH: Frank in South Lyon, Michigan. Welcome to the EIB Network, Frank.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  How are you doing?

RUSH:  Very well, sir.  Thank you.

CALLER:  Yeah.  The reason I was calling was in that first debate, Trump almost had a Jack Nicholson and A Few Good Men moment where he almost admitted to a crime. He said: "I gave them (unintelligible) and they do what I tell 'em to do," and before he said, you know, they gave building permits or something, he said, "I invited her to my wedding and she came." I just don't know why people aren't investigating her crimes of bribery or at the very least looking at 'em as a lobbyist.

RUSH:  Wait, wait, wait.  Investigating who?

CALLER:  Trump, because he's bribing officials to get what he wants.  I mean, people that are --

RUSH:  No, no, no.  (laughing)  If that's bribery, then every K Street firm is gonna be in jail by Monday.  That is not bribery, but that's one of the things that people are very frustrated by, that money, the donor class is running the show.  I mean, it's clearly why the Republican Party is content to sit by and let the Democrats get their amnesty, comprehensive immigration reform.  Look, see, this is another thing, folks.  The people are not stupid.  They're not mind-numbed robots. 

The people who think immigration is the beginning and the end of stopping the destruction of this country, they know full well that it's not an issue of compassion.  The Democrat Party is not trying to help the downtrodden.  They know full well it's not about helping people overcome horrible obstacles.  It's not about extending the American dream to people.  It's about registering voters.  The people of this country who oppose illegal immigration are not nativists, as they've been called.  They are not bigots.  They're not prejudiced against foreigners.  They know what's going on here.  They know that the Democrat Party wants this endless stream of unskilled, uneducated people to become registered as Democrats who will then become the permanent underclass that will always vote Democrat because other than that they won't have a way to live. 

Now, who in their right mind would support that?  That's the primary form of opposition to this.  And they don't see the Republican Party making a serious effort to stop it.  Quite the opposite.  It's a matter of survival to them.  But the donor class, they want that low skilled, uneducated, never ending flow of people because they'll work for less.  And the donors have become more important than the voters to many in the Republican Party. 

So, if you, masses of people who vote, want something, the power of your vote collectively expressed has now been dwarfed by the amount of money given by donors.  And if the donors want the Republican Party to stand aside or maybe even join with the Democrats on comprehensive immigration reform, then that's what elected Republicans are gonna do.

Look, money's always been dominant factor in politics.  But I don't recall, and, look, I could be dead wrong about this.  Because I've only been alive as an adult paying attention to this stuff 50 years or so.  But I have never seen, I can't recall a period of time, speaking now of the Republican Party, where the expression of public opinion, majority public opinion doesn't mean anything.  I remember after the 2002 midterms, that was the year of the Wellstone memorial.  The Democrats had it in their heads that they were gonna smoke the Republicans, because by that time they thought they had really amplified the hatred for George W. Bush, coming off the Florida recount. 

Then 9/11 happened.  And they're out there, and they just despised Bush, we got the beginnings here of the debate on the Iraq war, the Democrats wanted it both ways on that.  Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash. They had a memorial for him in Minnesota, and a bunch of Republican colleagues, senators went to it and they got booed out of that place. They turned that memorial, essentially a funeral service, if you will, for Paul Wellstone into one of the most despicable, pathetic displays of pathetic political selfishness on the part of the Democrat Party that anybody's ever seen. 

Well, here came the midterms later in November, and guess what?  That's a year, an off year, the opposing party, in this case Democrats, is supposed to just score huge, and the Democrats lost.  The Republicans added seats in the House of Representatives.  And I was doing election analysis coverage on NBC with Tom Brokaw and Russert.  Brokaw could not believe what was happening.  After those midterms, the Democrat losers for two weeks afterwards went to the microphones and went on television and said, "You know what?  We failed in listening to the American people, and we're gonna fix that.  We're gonna start listening to the American people." 

There was another big issue in that midterm, it was value. Value voters came out of nowhere, according to exit polls, so the Democrats started talking about how, "You know what, we're gonna have to pay a little bit more attention to the values questions."  In other words, they were acknowledging the will of the voters.  That doesn't happen anymore.  The will of the voters matters only if you win, but it's the donors to whom elected officials have become loyal, in terms of policy implementation and execution. 

Whether anybody wants to admit it or not, there's a guy in this race not taking that kind of money.  I'm here to tell you people are aware.  They're not dunces.  They're not uninformed on this kind of stuff.  They see it.  So there are explanations to this.


RUSH: Bob in Garden Valley, Idaho.  Great to have you on Open Line Friday.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  El Rushbo.

RUSH:  Hey.

CALLER:  How you doing, sir?

RUSH:  Very well, sir.  Thank you.

CALLER:  Mmm-hmm.  The reason for my call is this Trump and Cruz bashing.

RUSH:  Yea?

CALLER:  I found... I discovered something about the United States government a long time ago while I was still in the Army, and because of that I've lived by it since.  But going back to the Trump and Cruz bashers, they're doing this because they're very afraid of what Trump and Cruz can do.  Do I like either one of them?  Well, I won't say.  That's between me and my creator above.  But these people that are going out of their way to intentionally verbally harm Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, they are actually the people that your listeners, all six of them -- yes, that's a joke --

RUSH:  Time is dwindling here.

CALLER:  -- need to understand. Those are the people they need to not listen to.  They was not listen to people like Trump and Cruz because they are in fact telling at least a modicum of truth.

RUSH:  Okay, I will explain. I got it.  I got it.  


RUSH:  The last caller, his point was that all of these people (he didn't identify them, but we know who they are) attacking Cruz, attacking Trump... He's a seasoned citizen of sorts and served in the military.  His point was that he's seen a lot, and he was going to say when, unfortunately, our time ran out here... He was going to say that these critics are just trying to protect their money.  I mean, to put it in basic essentials, that everybody's trying to protect their money. Whoever is trying to protect their donors, protect their clients or keep their donors donating and keep their clients buying and what have you.

Then, in other words, it's all personal, this opposition to Trump.  You know, there is a lot of fear out there.  I addressed this earlier this week, long before the National Review story hit.  And it was in relationship, if you recall, to this piece that I dredged up from 1996 that presaged -- presaged, if you will -- that predicted this very point in time in American history, predicted almost to a T the Trump campaign.  The guy who wrote it 1996 was an advisor them to Pat Buchanan.  And one of the points that he made in his piece, he said, "Pat, if you're gonna go anywhere, you're gonna have to stop talking about being a conservative. 

"You can't... They're not gonna do anything for you.  They're not gonna help you.  But it's limiting you because what's here is beyond conservatism."  Well, Buchanan couldn't drop conservatism; he was too closely identified as one.  He had run in 1992, I think '96 as well, as a conservative.  He was a conservative columnist.  He was the conservative part of Crossfire for all those years on CNN.  So he couldn't abandon conservatism.  And what this columnist was suggesting was that populism/nationalism was gonna sweep the country because of the failure of the other things, that as the ruling class -- he called it a different thing then.

But as they continued to usurp the very economics of the country, that more and more people would have less and less, and that what's happening today as illustrated in the Trump campaign was inevitable, was gonna happen at some point.  He didn't know when.  He was hoping it would happen sooner than it did, as in now.  But it's happening.  One of the points that he made in the piece, anyway, he warned Buchanan. He said (paraphrased), "You don't need these other conservatives."  He said, "One of the problems is gonna be that they are going to realize that they have nothing to do with the insurgency. 

"Here they will have spent all of these years diligently writing and recording their conservative intellectual books and position papers, and they will have been advising candidates. There will be think tanks and all this made up of the smartest, brightest conservatives ever. And they're going to realize, Pat, that they are irrelevant, that all the think tanks and all the position papers and all the policy papers haven't done anything for anybody, and they will lash out and just be livid because they will want to protect what they've created.  They will not want to be demonstrated as irrelevant."

The guy wrote this back in 1996, and I saw it reprinted (well, excerpts of it) in issue of a Web publication called The Week. We talked about it earlier this week, and the last caller was simply saying that... I mean, he didn't say it in that way, but his point was that all the opposition to Cruz and Trump is really coming from people who are afraid they're gonna lose their livings if this is all successful, because here you've got two candidates who are going to triumph if one of them does without the infrastructure that everybody's thought was necessary.  I found it a fascinating piece, particularly given the fact that it was written back in 1996.  



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