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The Daily Caller on Media Matters

Daily Caller: The left’s free speech attack dogs by Matt Barber -03.29.12
Daily Caller: The geniuses at Media Matters throw away even more of their donors’ money -03.23.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters succeeds in not bringing down Rush Limbaugh -03.29.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters wants a fight, but can’t take a punch by Vince Coglianese -03.21.12
Daily Caller: Congratulations to David Brock and Media Matters on the runaway success of their new book, The Fox Effect -03.21.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters employee dodges question on use of term ‘Israel firster’ by Jamie Weinstein-03.20.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters for America linked with anti-American, anti-Israel Al-Jazeera network by Jamie Weinstein 03.18.12
Daily Caller: Hong Kong gambler bankrolls Media Matters, may have helped endow foreign policy voice by Vince Coglianese -03.09.12
Daily Caller: Harry Reid: ‘I don’t know’ if my relationship with Media Matters violates its tax-exempt status by Michelle Field-03.08.12
Daily Caller: Emergency Committee for Israel attacks Media Matters , CAP in NYTimes ad by Jamie Weinstein -03.01.12
Daily Caller: Harry Reid to ‘promote’ anti-Fox News Media Matters book by Vince Coglianese-02.29.12
Daily Caller: MMFA: Media Matters For America, or Madoff Made Financing Available? -02.28.12
Daily Caller: Madoff-invested charities contributed $365k to Media Matters by Vince Coglianese and Jamie Weinstein -02.27.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters ’ Brock paid former partner $850k in ‘blackmail’ settlement by Vince Coglianese -02.27.12
Daily Caller: Breitbart: David Brock ‘twitchy and antisocial,’ in cahoots with HuffPo by David Martosko-02.22.12
Daily Caller: David Brock explains it all -02.21.12
Daily Caller: Brock responds to Daily Caller’s Media Matters exposé, sort of by Jeff Poor -02.21.12
Daily Caller: Brock refuses to answer questions regarding Daily Caller series on Media Matters [VIDEO by Vince Coglianese ] -02.21.12
Daily Caller: Religious broadcasters want IRS investigation of Media Matters by Alex Pappas -02.20.12
Daily Caller: Left-wing foundations lavish millions on Media Matters by David Martosko-02.17.12
Daily Caller: What’s it like to work at Media Matters? -02.17.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters accepted $50K grant for ‘fact checking’ religious broadcasts by Alex Pappas and David Martosko -02.16.12
Daily Caller: MMFA took pay to flay those who pray -02.16.12
Daily Caller: Fox’s ‘Red Eye’ scores ‘exclusive’ with ‘Eric’ of Media Matters by Jeff Poor -02.16.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters tax-exempt status may face new scrutiny from Congress by Will Rahn-02.15.12
Daily Caller: TheDC top ten: Interesting nuggets from Media Matters ’ 2010 tax records by David Martosko-02.15.12
Daily Caller: If Media Matters is “dedicated to correcting conservative misinformation,” and the Daily Caller is misinformed, where’s the correction from Media Matters ? -02.15.12
Daily Caller: Dershowitz: Media Matters , Center for American Progress the ‘David Duke of the extreme left’ By Jeff Poor by Jeff Poor -02.15.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters talking points occupy MSNBC [VIDEO] by Jeff Poor -02.15.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters matters even less on the Internet by Josh Peterson-02.15.12
Daily Caller: Alan Dershowitz: Media Matters could become Rev. Wright of 2012 for Obama by Jamie Weinstein-02.14.12
Daily Caller: A long-distance dedication from Media Matters to everyone at Fox News by Jim Treacher-02.14.12
Daily Caller: MMFA and the White House sittin’ in a tree…by Jim Treacher -02.14.12
Daily Caller: TheDC Morning: Media Matters scorched again by Jamie Weinstein -02.14.12
Daily Caller: And now, the rebuttal from Media Matters by Jim Treacher -02.13.12
Daily Caller: My top 10 favorite parts of the Daily Caller’s story on Media Matters by Jim Treacher -02.13.12
Daily Caller: Politico reporter withheld information about liberal Media Matters For America by Will Rahn and Alex Pappas -02.13.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters memo called for hiring private investigators ‘to look into the personal lives’ of Fox employees -02.13.12
Daily Caller: Inside Media Matters: David Brock’s Enemies List by By Vince Coglianese-02.13.12
Daily Caller: Media Matters solicits lawmaker ‘allies’ to steer media coverage by Vince Coglianese -01.26.12
Daily Caller: Why is Media Matters tax-exempt? by Jim Treacher -01.26.12
Daily Caller: Girl Scouts to stop linking to Media Matters by Vince Coglianese -12.28.11
Daily Caller: Krauthammer on Media Matters : ‘Be nasty as you want — don’t ask for a government subsidy’ by Jeff Poor -06.29.11
Daily Caller: Kurtz challenges Media Matters attack on Ed Henry by Jeff Poor -06.26.11
Daily Caller: Looking for the next ‘Macaca?’: George Allen has Media Matters -affiliated, other left-wing trackers on his tail by Matthew Boyle06.17.11
Daily Caller: Lee Stranahan looks at Media Matters deceptive editing by Jim Treacher -03.30.11
Daily Caller: Media Matters breaks kayfabe by Jim Treacher -03.28.11
Daily Caller: Media Matters and reality on Obamacare by Derek Hunter -03.28.11
Daily Caller: Media Matters developing ‘opposition research’ on Fox, has list of ‘every single person’ at network by Steven Nelson -03.26.11
Daily Caller: ‘Red Eye’ reenacts Media Matters media training by Jeff Poor-03.24.11
Daily Caller: Media Matters ignores journalistic responsibility (yet again) by Billy Hallowell -12.16.10
Daily Caller: Author responds to Media Matters ’ attack by Ryan Young -07.14.10
Daily Caller: Hit job: What Media Matters and the SEIU got wrong about Fortune’s Nina Easton by Mike Riggs -05.26.10


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