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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Spooked

RUSH: Last month a guy named Jason Furman, a top Obama regime economist, spoke to a bipartisan group of policymakers. He laid out what to expect when the economic shutdown is over.

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What’s Biden’s Purpose?

RUSH: Silicon Valley tech gazillionaires are all-in on Biden. Joe Biden hasn't even mastered the rotary phone yet, much less learned how to use an iPhone and yet tech wizards are all-in on this guy.

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Zuckerberg Censors News Too

RUSH: Facebook fact-checks too. Facebook even has a page that explains how their fact-check system works, and Facebook exiles people they don’t like.

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Do We Still Have to Colonize Mars?

RUSH: One of the most vibrant conspiracy theories out there… is that the coronavirus is the product of a bunch of mad scientist-type rich guys who think there are too many people on Earth.

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Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: You will get specifically the stories that I talk about on the program and a select list of a few others that I intended to get to but ran out of time.

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Rush’s Famous Quotes

"You know, so much of the news today is stuff that I reported yesterday. It's exactly what I mean by being on the cutting edge."

"If you want to end the mask controversy, just make up a bunch of Make America Great Again masks, and I guarantee you the American left will be demanding you take them off."

"Right now in Minnesota you can get arrested for opening a business, but you can't get arrested for looting one."

"Minneapolis looks like Blade Runner, and I'm telling you, this reaction there is far deeper than what happened to George Floyd."

"The police who killed George Floyd in Minneapolis are gonna get their day in court, and I hope it's good and hard."

"Silicon Valley tech gazillionaires are all-in on Biden. Joe Biden hasn't even mastered the rotary phone yet, much less learned how to use an iPhone."

"About Joe Biden, look, I can intellectually understand what Plugs' purpose is. Plugs' purpose is to help Democrats down ballot. Plugs' purpose is to help the Democrats keep the black vote. Isn't that an interesting aspect of Plugs' purpose? And Plugs' purpose is somehow... I mean, of all the Democrats in the country, apparently Joe Biden is the only one of them that they all can rally around with the confidence he'll beat Donald Trump."

"My point here is that Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, here is one of the greatest patriotic military people in American history who was targeted for destruction by his own government and was destroyed — he was financially wiped out — and he didn’t do anything. He did not do a single thing they charged him with. He only pled guilty to stop the bleeding and to make sure that they would stop going after his son."
"Folks, I'm just lucky I have a PhD in hermit and recluse because it's no sweat off my back to stay sequestered."
"We've got a new model run in yesterday on audience projections. We're at 50 million. It's a huge jump. We've gone from 44.5 million to 50 million basically overnight. Model runs, model predictions. They're our models. We are totally in charge of the input data, and therefore we get the data out that we want."
"It's been a long time since I crashed my own website. I mean, we're built for a huge number of people. So our computer model projections of 50 million listeners, Mr. Snerdley, must be pretty close to accurate. Gotta be."



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