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What you’re trying to do is take the government, because there aren’t enough people in this country who agree with your perverted views to things. Well, why not ask him if he wants to re-fight the Civil War? Let’s ask him why sodomy and abortion laws aren’t “states rights” issues but this is. I don’t care what Kerry said. If Sue and Sally get married and move to your state, your state has to recognize their marriage. That’s in the Constitution, which is why we need an amendment to stop it.
Everything I predicted yesterday about how the media would play this gay marriage debate, is happening. It’s the process, not the meaning. It’s whether or not this is going to help Senator Kerry and hurt President Bush. Dana Millbank’s Washington Post headline: “A move to satisfy conservative base.” The South Florida Sun-Sentinel headline: “Lawsuit Threatened After Gay Couple Denied Marriage License in Broward.” The New York Times has a similar piece by Robert Toner.

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