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Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to learn how the politicians who say they “support the troops” actually support them. This is about the incident at Haditha. The word “allegedly” has vanished from our language. Sheriff Murtha, Prosecutor Murtha, and Judge Murtha have declared the Marines at Haditha guilty. The media is preparing logos and themes: “Marine Massacre” all over television. “Is it a cover-up?” is the latest question they’re asking. The spinners are testing focus groups. “What sounds worse: ‘Worse than Abu Ghraib,’ or, ‘Worse than My Lai’?” The LA Times already refers to this as “My Lai” in an editorial today. Let history note something, however. The alleged incident is under alleged investigation. The facts have yet to be checked. The alleged perps have yet to be identified. The alleged superior responsible has yet to be named. The alleged cover-up has yet to be established — and, of course, a defense has yet to be offered.A lot of people are very much concerned about this, but it’s one of these circumstances where we don’t know what happened. But because there are so many people who say they support the troops who want this to be true… It’s typical of the Drive-By Media to report the news that you hope happens, report the news as you wish it to be. It’s already a done deal, and they say — because they hate the US military, and they love military defeats. They love humiliation of the US military because they know and think it’ll make it more difficult to use the military in the future. All the while, these are the people who claim to “support the troops, love the troops but don’t support the mission.” These people want it to be true, and the people that want it to be true are the same kind of people that have no problem with totalitarian regimes and dictators and mass murderers the world over.

The same kind of people who found it difficult to criticize Saddam or who will not criticize Castro or who want to coddle this wacko Hugo Chavez are eager to portray the US military as the focus of evil in the modern world. Remember this: if this turns out to be true, the reason we are shocked and will be shocked is because it is uncommon. It does not happen frequently. This is not what the US military is known for. They do not engage in “murder.” They engage in the killing of war. Michelle Malkin has a great piece on this today and says, “Despite every effort being made to castigate the entire US military today over an isolated incident about which we don’t have the facts, keep in mind that this is the jihadists’ way of life each and every day.”



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