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RUSH: Yes, “Democrats generally cheered, Republicans groused when a bipartisan group of senators crafted a compromise on judicial nominations last month but with the Senate now confirming several conservative nominees whom Democrats had blocked for years, some liberals are questioning the wisdom of the deal and fretting about what comes next. Eleanor Holmes Norton said, ‘Our problem with the compromise is the price that was paid.’ So she and other Congressional Black Caucus members…” The Janice Rogers Brown vote today is at five o’clock. That’s when it is scheduled, and “she and several other Congressional Black Caucus members plan to march into the Senate today to protest the impending confirmation of Janice Rogers Brown.” As I say, this is nothing more than liberal whining, that they can’t control the courts anymore, can’t completely control it.

This deal is not going to last, folks, because the liberals are going to overreach — and when this deal was made, we did react with such disgust that any Republican not running from a navy blue state commits political suicide tolerating the filibuster any longer and the day come, something is going to happen to cause the Democrats to blow the deal and they will blow the deal. I don’t know if it’s going to be with Janice Rogers Brown. Well, they had cloture vote yesterday 65-32 but with this march into the Senate today things are going to get interesting because there’s more and more pressure that will be brought to bear on the Democrats in the Senate to change their mind — and, you know, Eleanor Holmes Norton when asked about it, “What about this little colored girl from Alabama, being on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals?”

“Well, we’d rather have a rich white guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth than Janice Rogers Brown,” said Eleanor Holmes Norton. In fact we have some audio sound bites on the Brown nomination. Go to sound bites eight and nine here, Mike. First up is Joe Biden, and this is yesterday at a news conference on Janice Rogers Brown’s nomination.

BIDEN: This is equivalent to putting her on the Supreme Court in the sense that many of the constitutional decisions that she will be called on to make as a Circuit Court of Appeals judge will not be reviewed by the Supreme Court of the United States.

RUSH: Do you see how they keep redefining terms? Now Janice Rogers Brown being on the DC Circuit is the same thing as being on the Supreme Court, folks, because many of the cases that are reviewed by the DC Circuit will not make it to the Supreme Court for review. The Supreme Court will not hear some of these cases so Janice Rogers Brown is going to be among the judges who have the last word on some of these horribly important issues that are designed to institutionalize liberalism in America! It’s been an amazing thing to watch this. Minority rights? That actually means, if you’re a liberal today, “The minority won because we should have won because we always have won. The Senate’s ours. The courts are ours. You can’t mess with them, you Republicans.

We’re going to stop you from messing with them. You can’t have them. They’re ours. So we have minority rights now, minority rights. That’s what counts, minority rights! The rights of the mentor again the tyranny of the majority.” Now all of a sudden Janice Rogers Brown, she may as well be on the Supreme Court because the DC Circuit is the last court in line for appeals to the Supreme Court in many cases, but they went except some of these cases so she’s the equivalent of a Supreme Court justice. Well, no she’s not. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals is not the Supreme Court! Intellectually explain this to me. You can’t, folks, because this is as convoluted and illogical and fear- and hysteria-based as anything that you’ll hear from these people. Up next: The freshman senator, “Obama Babama” — or whatever Senator pronounces his name as; I know it’s Barack Obama — this is this morning on the Senate floor, and this is his hysterical, panicked comment.

OBAMA: In speech after speech she touts herself as a true conservative who believes that safety nets like Social Security, unemployment insurance and health care are, quote — have, quote — “Cut away the very ground upon which the Constitution rests,” end quote. Janice Rogers Brown believes as has already been stated on the floor that the New Deal which helped save our country and get it back on its feet after the Great Depression was a triumph of our very own, quote, “socialist revolution.” She has equated altruism with communism [sic]. She equates even the most modest efforts to level life’s playing field with somehow inhibiting our liberty.

RUSH: And I agree with everything she said, Barak, because she is right about everything she said in that speech. You people are a bunch of socialists! Why don’t you admit it; you love it so much? I do not run from the term conservative and I don’t run from the term capitalist. Whoa, man! Somebody calls me a capitalist or conservative, I flex my muscles and I say, “You’re damn right and I’m proud of it,” but you liberals are just a bunch of socialists. You want to redistribute the wealth. You want to “level the playing field” in artificial ways, and the only way you try to do it is by punishing achievers. You don’t try to level the playing field by elevating those at the bottom because you don’t want them elevated, Barak. Let’s be honest about you leftists: You don’t want to elevate people at the bottom. You need them at the bottom so they keep voting for you. You need them at the bottom where they can’t have anything but you give them.

You want them at the bottom so they live on your handouts — and if they get past that like Janice Rogers Brown or Clarence Thomas has look at how you try to destroy them. Your own race, Barak! Your own people. You’re out there trying to destroy your own people, and they’re showing everybody else in your population how it’s done — and that’s why they’re a threat. That’s why you can’t have them reach positions of power, because they put the lie to the old liberal assurance that, “Just follow our way, you people, and you shall reach the Promised Land!” Well, people have been following the enlightened path of socialism for I don’t know how many decades and years, and there aren’t any of them that are happy except those in leadership positions who make the rules and give the orders.

Admit you’re a socialist! If you guys wanted to level the playing field by talking to me about how to raise the people at the bottom, then I would listen to you. But you want to level the playing…. By the way, who gives you the right to level the playing field anyway? Who gives you the right to do that? Where is it written that that is something that happens? It may be a noble cause; it may be something that might be right, but where’s entitlement to a level flaying field? I haven’t had one in my life. I don’t know anybody who has had a level playing field in their life.

Everybody has obstacles. Everybody gets screwed one way or another now and then. You overcome it. But you want to institutionalize getting screwed as something that’s part of capitalism and then you want to blame the successful for the others that are not making it and so you want to punish them. We gotta raise taxes on the rich? How’s that going to help somebody at the bottom, Barak? It never has yet! Raising taxes on the rich? What’s it going to do but punish the rich — and then those at the bottom of the barrel are supposed to go, “Yeah, man, I feel a lot better! Those people are suffering.”

“Hey, yeah, you are, too, but your suffering has not improved any, has it, because of what happened to the others that are suffering?”

“I don’t care, man! I want them to be miserable as I am.”

Exactly! Socialism: spreading misery equally! Liberalism: spreading misery equally! Level the playing field. But, boy, let a Clarence Thomas along or let a Miguel Estrada or let a Janice Rogers Brown come along, and those people who have escaped the lower levels, the unbalanced side of the playing field which isn’t level, those who have made it to the top? “We got to destroy them. They didn’t do it our way. They didn’t do it with our handouts. They’re not dependent on us to stay at the top. They got their on their own. We can’t have that!” You people are so pathetic. You are just pathetically absurd in this modern era with all these hundreds of years of evidence, thousands of years of evidence around the world, that what you believe in fails — except in one way. Here’s how it doesn’t fail. If you’re a socialist or a liberal, and you win the elections and you’re the majority, you own the world. Your voters don’t.

Your voters are still a bunch of dependent waifs incapable of getting anywhere without you so you are empowered. So, yeah, I can imagine it must be pretty cool to be a liberal or a socialist when you win elections and you’re in the majority but it ain’t cool for your voters. They’re still waiting for you to fulfill your promises and you can’t fulfill them because, Barak, you and Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer and Ted Kennedy cannot level the playing field because you’re going about it the wrong way.

If you want to level the playing field, stop punishing success. Stop punishing achievement and teach everybody or expose as many people as possible to the whole concept of success. But you can’t do that, either. You know why? Because liberals believe that people aren’t capable of success. Liberals believe you don’t have what it takes to make the judgments in life necessary to be a success. You need them to do that for you. You’re basically incompetent, inept and stupid. You are a rube. You haven’t got the necessary whatever it takes to live your life the best way possible. You need liberals running your education system for your kids; you need liberals running day care centers for your kids; you need liberals regulating the kind of car you buy and where you can go in it and what you have to wear when you’re driving it! You have to have liberals telling you what your kid has to sit in a car when you’re driving the car. You have to have a liberal tell you where you can live on a beach and where you can’t live on a beach. You have to have a liberal basically tell you where to go to get this or to get that because you don’t have the wherewithal to know where to get it yourself.

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