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Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, was the latest court hearing on the attempt by the Palm Beach County state attorney to get my medical records, to see what, if anything, might be in there that they could charge me with. They’re on a fishing expedition and by their own admission I am guilty and have to prove myself innocent. They have no idea what to charge until they see the medical records and there was a hearing yesterday.
What we’ve done on the website is we’ve posted the motion that we filed with the court yesterday, and it’s a pdf file. I’d love you to go look at it. It’s 1.9 megabytes, many, many pages, and I’d love you to read the whole thing, but the pages that you really need to focus on here, to get the truth of what’s going on here, page two and pages four through nine. Page two and pages four through nine, if you want to find out what all this is.
We’ve also posted a couple of newspaper stories, one from the Palm Beach Post today, one from the Palm Beach Daily News, both have recaps of what went on in court yesterday morning and they’re both pretty good stories. The AP story and the Knight-Ridder story that went out yesterday afternoon, both of them are abominations. They don’t capture at all what went on in the courtroom. The AP story especially. The AP story is so — I don’t know where this reporter was. This reporter could not have even been in the courtroom to write what she wrote, but it’s been out there since yesterday afternoon and last night. You may have seen that, and if you have, you have no idea what really went on in court yesterday and what this is all about, but our motion will give you a clue as will these two newspaper stories. They’re linked now at RushLimbaugh.com.

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