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RUSH: I just got this, and I’m not able to study it and really make a whole lot of sense out of it. It’s a Pew survey on who watches television and what the partisan political split of various TV show audiences is and all. You get down to what the Pew — P-e-w — survey of this stuff, you get down to one section, who’s got the smartest, who has the most knowledgeable audience, and on television — just listen to what this says. ‘On television, The O’Reilly Factor, has the most knowledgeable audience, 27% of the audience are college grads, which matches the national average,’ but, but:

Only three audiences in the Pew survey scored higher on high knowledge than O’Reilly at his Factor TV show. Regular readers of The New Yorker and the Atlantic, regular Rush Limbaugh listeners, and regular Weekly Standard and New Republic readers. I don’t know if there’s anybody above that. I don’t have that, because radio and this stuff is not part of the survey, at least from the website that I’m reading this from. But I have always known it. I have always known that you people are among the most knowledgeable, engaged, informed, and educated people listening to any media in the country today. I think I found documented evidence of it here from Pew, but it’s just a little aside in a story about television audiences.


RUSH: I had some time to dig deep into this Pew survey for People and the Press, and it starts out here by saying, ‘News audiences vary widely in age, education, and how much they know about what’s going on in the nation and the world.’ Then there’s a ranking here of various television programs. At any rate: ‘Judged by their answers to three knowledge questions, the most informed audiences belong to the political magazines, Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, The O’Reilly Factor, news magazines, and online news sources. Close behind are the regular audiences for NPR and The Daily Show.’

It doesn’t look good for the major broadcast networks. At any rate, education, age, and knowledge. College grads, this program number two, at 37%. The average age of the audience of this program, 51, and the high knowledge score is 48, and it’s number two. This program, number two in all of American media in education and knowledge. It is preceded only by the Weekly Standard and New Republic readers, 38% college grads, 38 is the average age. The libs are dragging us down a little bit. Eh, the libs may be dragging down the Weekly Standard a bit.

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