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RUSH: Here is this story. Let me just give you the headline: “Islam Based on Epileptic Prophecies, Says Book From Iran Native Neuropsychologist.” The dateline is Canton, Ohio. “Religious prophet Mohammad suffered from epileptic seizures, according to a book recently released by a Tehran native and Muslim-raised neuropsychologist. Abbas Sadeghian delivers these findings in the book Sword & Seizure, which is based on historical text, including the Koran. Sadeghian was inspired by a comparable paper he presented in 2001 at New York University’s Fielding Institute.”
So he’s inspired by himself.
“He says Mohammad had suffered from ‘complex partial seizures,’ which are displayed through ‘excessive sweating and light trembling, olfactory, auditory and visual hallucinations, epigastric sensations,” which is bad taste, it means things don’t taste right, “excessive perspiration,” that would be sweat for those of you in Rio Linda, “and hyper-religiosity.” All of those things comprise symptoms of the kind of epilepsy that Mohammed had. “He says evidence of these is recounted throughout the Koran. When asked by a reporter from the Canton Repository if the same diagnosis could apply to Jesus, Buddha or other religious figures, Sadeghian replied there aren’t nearly as many independent historical documents detailing their lives.”
Now, this was posted on December 11th. It’s December 14th. It’s three days later, and I think this man is still alive. I have not seen any stories recounting his death.

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